Define Social Collaboration

Social Collaboration Strategy Can Help Create High Performance Teams

A majority of companies have geographically distributed work teams; resulting in scattered social conversations, tasks and projects. Project managers need robust social collaboration tools that bring these teams together and collaborate their social conversations, tasks, and projects. This is where Clarizen’s Project Management and social collaboration tools can make a difference.

Connect scattered, unstructured conversations and interactions to structured projects, tasks and work. Your employees can use our engaging social interface to make their work day more productive. With Clarizen enterprise social collaboration capabilities, you can:

  • Synchronize scattered work teams – Link project milestones and tasks across projects
  • Share resources easily – Share discussions, notes, and dependency conflicts
  • Get real-time updates – Manage changes easily through instant notifications
  • Empower conversations – Log a change ticket and discuss further via email

Clarizen aims at creating a social platform for work and project management, which accelerates business growth by unifying the threads of conversation and execution on a central console.

For more information on our social collaboration tools, download the white paper or request your free trial today.