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Creating Project Milestones

The Beginning of a New Project with Project Milestones

Creating a new project typically involves identifying and organizing a large volume of milestones and tasks — which can be a time consuming and risky undertaking, especially assigning interdependencies. And that’s where Clarizen makes a clear difference.

Clarizen’s cloud-based workflow management solution makes creating project milestones and tasks effective and efficient thanks to a number of features, including:

  • A project roadmap, which provides a graphic display of the entire project, including all milestones and tasks
  • A clear work breakdown structure that identifies milestone and task-related hierarchy, reporting, processes, etc.
  • An information card, that captures milestones, tasks, resources, documents, etc.

Furthermore, Clarizen offers convenient drop-down menus so that any designated team member can quickly and easily add new milestones and tasks.

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