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Collaboration Software

Empower Teams with Robust, Easy-to-Use Social Collaboration Tools

According to Gartner, although 70% of organizations use social technologies, only 10% actually achieve measurable, meaningful business value.

What’s the root problem that is causing this staggering failure rate? According to Gartner’s group VP Anthony Bradley, it’s because organizations lack what he calls a “well-crafted and compelling purpose.” And that’s precisely where Clarizen stands out, apart and above the pack.

Designed from the ground-up and supporting how work actually gets done in dynamic environments, Clarizen redefines collaboration for the enterprise through an innovative social collaboration platform that automatically connects unstructured conversations to structured work items: such as projects, milestones, tasks and deadlines.

Wherever they are and whenever they’re working, project team members simply use Clarizen to:

  • Take action directly based on real-time discussions
  • Participate in discussions and even trigger business rules simply by sending an email
  • Connect with colleagues and customers in designated, private virtual workspaces
  • Communicate through familiar social symbols and techniques, such as #hashtags, @ signs and more

Clarizen’s acclaimed social collaboration platform and robust, easy-to-use collaboration tools streamline work execution, foster transparency, encourage participation, support a democratic work environment, and drive measurable business value. Learn more by starting your free trial today.