Cloud Program Resource Management Software

Cloud-Based Project Management Software for Effective Resource Management

IT project managers are faced with the challenge of an extensive list of project portfolios with a fixed number of resources. The scope of resource management extends beyond identifying, categorizing, and allocating project resources. You need to efficiently manage resources by optimizing cost, time, and effort. A robust cloud-based resource management software not only ensures that demand and supply are matched, but also that ongoing resources are optimized for maximum efficiency.

Gain complete control over resource management with Clarizen’s cloud-based project management software. We offer project and portfolio management solutions for managing multiple project portfolios in the cloud. With Clarizen, you can:

  • Build out teams by resources, groups, or territories
  • Track all resource allocations, re-allocation, and ongoing resource utilization
  • Optimize resource allocations, eliminating over- or under-staffing of projects

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