Change Management Steps

Empower Teams with Enterprise-Grade Change Management Tools

According to pioneering business strategist and innovator Dr. John Kotter, there are essentially eight change management steps that put organizations on track to reap the rewards – or in some cases, mitigate the adverse impact – of change, whether triggered internally or externally: establish a sense of urgency; create the guiding coalition; develop a change vision; communicate the vision; empower broad-based action; generate short-term wins; never let up; and incorporate changes into the culture.

And while all of these steps are vital, they can only happen when organization’s can rely on superior communication, transparency and teamwork — and making that happen is what Clarizen was created to do.

Accessible via the cloud, Clarizen drives and directs all change management process steps by empowering organizations with robust, yet easy-to-use tools to:

  • Communicate with unprecedented efficiency and easy on social collaboration platform, which instantly links unstructured conversations to structured work items
  • Access clarifying transparency of change management projects at all stages of the project life cycle, and across the entire portfolio – whether it contains a handful of projects, dozens or even hundreds and thousands
  • Enable inspired teamwork by bringing together workgroups on a centralized platform and a shared culture – and keep them from working on their “disconnected islands of activities” using their own systems, tools, processes and protocols

And with respect to specific change management projects of any size, project managers and other team members simply log into Clarizen and:

  • Submit project change requests, complete with all relevant details (e.g. customer notes, supporting documents, etc.)
  • Review, verify and analyze changes to ensure technical, schedule and cost feasibility
  • Instantly update team members of change management-related tasks and issues in real-time
  • Test and verify change to ensure that business requirements have been met

Learn why enterprises worldwide choose Clarizen to drive and direct their change management steps – and unleash innovation, success and growth. Request your free trial.