Best Project Management Software

Recommended by Expert Third-Party Reviewers and Enterprises Alike

When searching for the best project management software, it’s essential to remember that, ultimately, two things matter more than anything else:

1. The criteria upon which the project management software is evaluated.

2. What expert third-party reviewers think after they’ve taken various solutions out for a test drive.

With respect to #1, the features that matters most in demanding enterprise environments are: project portfolio management, resource management, collaboration, ease-of-use, and professional services.

And with respect to #2, there is essentially one project management solution that a growing array of expert third party reviewers—including, Capterra,,, and—have put at or near the top of their recommendation list in light of these critically important criteria: Clarizen.

Clarizen is a work execution and project management solution that merges the power of the cloud with an acclaimed social collaboration platform. Whenever they’re working and wherever they are, project team members and all other authorized stakeholders can:

  • Access unprecedented, real-time visibility across the full project portfolio
  • Submit and receive updates, notifications, and all other communications that are automatically attached to specific projects and put into context
  • Contribute to an overall “culture of innovation” characterized by smarter and better decision-making
  • Eliminate confusing work chaos and replace it with standardized processes
  • Build customized business rules and work flows around any process

Furthermore, Clarizen’s API integrates seamlessly with a growing number of SaaS solutions including, Box, JIRA, Intacct, and more. As such, enterprises are not just using Clarizen as their project management solution, but they’re deploying it as the digital backbone of their information ecosystem.

Learn more about Clarizen’s advantages and see why it’s widely considered the best project management software by expert reviewers and enterprise customers alike. Request your free trial today.