Best Project Management Software For Marketing Teams

Empower Marketing Teams with Robust, Easy-to-Use Tools

The big problem with conventional project management software, is that it turns marketing teams into static and passive “production shops” instead of dynamic, strategic partners that enable internal and external customers to succeed. Fortunately, Clarizen clearly isn’t conventional project management software.

Accessible online via any device, Clarizen is embraced as the best project management software for marketing teams because it:

  • Easily enables and supports collaboration between account executives, project managers, agencies of record, art and video directors, creative services leaders, production management teams, freelancers, business units and all other stakeholders
  • Stores and organizes all project documents and assets in single, centralized platform—which makes it easy to find wireframes, videos, mock-ups, drafts, emails, meeting notes, agreements and more
  • Tracks projects through each stage of the lifecycle, with the option to drill down into any activity, task, milestone or resource to access additional details
  • Keeps customers engaged and notified in designated virtual workspaces, and by sharing project status updates through live email links and real-time widgets

And just as important: Clarizen is intuitive and easy-to-use, which makes it ideal for marketing professionals who may be resistant to adopting new technology and tools. Within minutes of using Clarizen, they’ll clearly see how it makes their work faster, simpler, more rewarding and more successful.

Learn more why Clarizen is widely considered the best project management software for marketing teams. Request your free trial today.