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Best Practices Project Management

Built with Project Management Best Practices in Mind

Project management best practices are general principles, approaches, strategies, and techniques that support project success rates and reduce failure.

However, most conventional project management software solutions are not in alignment with best practices. On the contrary, they force project managers and team members to conform to pre-established methodologies and processes that may not be suitable for a specific project. And that’s where Clarizen is qualitatively unlike conventional project management software.

Designed from the ground-up in light of project management best practices, Clarizen’s SaaS project management and work execution platform enables project managers and team members to:

  • Go far beyond conventional “to do” lists by developing categories of work and creating and prioritizing details—from milestones down to granular tasks
  • Establish dependencies and task relationships that advance the project forward via progressive iteration
  • Align resources with specific work items and re-assign based on changing needs, unexpected obstacles, and new opportunities
  • Clearly see the critical path to determine project schedules and build contingencies and workarounds as required
  • Keep track of budgets and costs and ensure that key project stakeholders are informed as necessary
  • Track progress by generating real-time views of project status and progress
  • Leverage teamwork by building and supporting high-performance teams
  • Use scorecards and other tools to conduct lessons learned and improve project management and operations into the future

Put Clarizen’s project management best practices to work in your environment and unleash a new level of performance, productivity, and results. Request your free trial today.