Agile Project Tracking

Successfully Track Agile Projects Across the Portfolio

Tracking relatively simple projects can be challenging even at the best of times; but agile project tracking is an altogether more difficult and riskier undertaking.

That’s because in agile projects, scope is not some pre-defined product, service or outcome that teams advance towards through progressive iteration. Rather, scope is constantly changing with every new feature or enhancement.

As such, agile project tracking must be ongoing, and the data that teams rely on must be accurate, accessible and actionable. And that’s why enterprises worldwide choose Clarizen to successfully track agile projects across their portfolio.

Clarizen’s key agile project tracking tools and features include:

  • Robust timesheet tracking to capture all billable and non-billable hours accrued by team members and outside freelancers/consultants
  • Burndown charts to track project progress and accurately predict completion dates
  • Task management tools to help agile development teams stay on top oft their tasks, and get notified of changed assignments
  • Change request and case management tools to help project managers, product managers and other stakeholders make informed decisions regarding priorities, resources and timelines
  • Realtime visibility into all release readiness details, including milestones, user stories, iterations and release backlogs

Furthermore, Clarizen’s powerful social collaboration features allow teams to connect and communicate more efficiently, which means less time updating stakeholders and having meetings, and more time coding and being productive.

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