Agile Project Management Tools Comparison

Discover Why Development Teams Choose Clarizen's Agile Project Management Tools

Comparing agile project management tools quickly reveals that the vast majority aren’t designed for agile in the first place. Instead, they’re built for general project management, which is why development teams dread them. Fortunately, there’s Clarizen.

Clarizen’s suite of built-in agile project management tools enable testing, development and feedback to take place concurrently, which allows development teams to rapidly respond to everything from change requests to new project launches. Key tools and features include:  

  • Ticket tracking for both internal customers (e.g., project managers) and external customers (e.g., sponsors)
  • Scheduling based on priority
  • Centralization of release plans, task updates, release backlog (RBL) data, bugs, documents and user stories
  • Robust issue management for automating the process of assigning issues in workflows

In addition, team members can launch the Clarizen mobile app in the field to ensure that information flows are efficient and accurate, and customers and stakeholders are kept in the loop.

Discover why Clarizen is widely used by development teams in agile environments worldwide. Request your free trial.