The essential features of effective project management software

Enterprise project management software has evolved rapidly in recent years. If your organization is still using an outdated on-premise project management system, it’s time to find out what you’re missing.

Real time reporting

Accurate, timely reporting is essential for effective project and portfolio management. Project managers need to know where their team members are on their assigned tasks, and C-suite stakeholders need frequent updates on budget and timeline performance for projects across the organization. When choosing a new project management solution, look for software that provides a wide range of reports using real-time information.

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Portfolio-wide visibility

Large organizations have dozens interconnected projects under way at all times. Many older project management solutions lack the ability to present information on resource availability and budget performance for multiple projects at once. With Clarizen, your organization’s portfolio managers have the ability to view and share current data on risks and deadlines across the entire enterprise.

Debbie Collins

We’ve cut through layers of complexity and the immediate gain has been an increase in productivity around 40%.Debbie Collins, PMO Manager, Professional Services, RICOH

Collaboration tools

Effective collaboration is critically important for project success at the enterprise level, and collaboration tools are among the most important project management software features. Look for a project management solution that provides advanced collaboration functionality that not only allows team members to connect, but lets them link their social interactions to project tasks and action items. Clarizen, for example, provides teams with the unique ability to create purposeful “in context” conversations, incorporating instant messages, emails and working documents in a single location.

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Document management tools

Project teams in any industry, from software to manufacturing to marketing, need a centralized resource for shared documents. Clarizen lets team members view and edit their project documents in real time, eliminating the need for multiple conflicting versions of critical materials. Clarizen also provides the capability to integrate with common web-based document management tools like Box and Google Docs.

Mobile connectivity

Today’s workforce is decentralized and on the move. As team members travel between customer locations and remote offices, they need to be able to access project information from their phones and other mobile devices. From social collaboration to document management, Clarizen gives team members the ability to perform essential tasks on-the-go.


Different teams work in different ways, and your project management software should accommodate a variety of methodologies and management styles. From its highly configurable interface to its support for agile and waterfall software development, Clarizen is designed to fit into existing workflows and allow teams to do their work their way.

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