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Connect marketing to the business

Take marketing out of its silo and make it a partner with the business. Centralize all work items — copy and design drafts, wire frames, discussion groups, email threads and any other relevant documents — so teams can make smarter, faster decisions.


  • Automate complex cross-functional workflows
  • Align with business objectives
  • Turn tasks into detailed campaigns

Collaborate on real work, in real time

Merge discussions and brainstorming with actual work so everyone has full context from a single, intuitive marketing project management tool. Know if your initiatives are on track and within budget with real-time intelligence into marketing projects, campaigns and events.


  • Focus on the right things with less rework
  • Set expectations and keep everyone in the loop
  • Deliver a higher level of service

Connect internal and external teams

Gain approvals and coordinate efforts and processes like never before. Deliver new ways of communicating results by giving your ecosystem of customers, partners, agencies, contractors and vendors a single place for projects, files, conversations and requests.


  • Connect formerly siloed teams and groups
  • Coordinate efforts across the enterprise and beyond
  • Simplify complex requirements and approvals

See Clarizen in Action

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Automate processes to speed delivery time

Standardize the intake process to make sure your resources are deployed correctly to meet incoming demand. Automate the entire process, from request, to approval to delivery—and use gate reviews to validate that you are ready for the next project phase.

Collaborate both inside and outside my team

Collaborate with your external partners and agencies, sharing files and digital assets in a secure web portal to foster collaboration and reduce review cycles. Use our resource management software to oversee all creative asset approvals using our ProofHQ integration.

Visualize and report progress

Gain real-time visibility into portfolio status and transparently share reports, dashboards, calendars and resource availability across all stakeholders in your organization. Get full data fidelity and drill down to find root cause of project delays or overspend.

Access my work from anywhere

Get access to all project information, whether you use the secure web application, the native mobile apps or through integrations to other business solutions. Information is centralized and up to date so you are always operating on good data, no matter where you access it.