Wijs Success Story

“With V6 Clarizen has made a great step forward in simplifying work for organizations. The way the social aspect has been factored into the platform is a major step forward, and we really think this is the version to help us take the next step in developing our company.”

Bert Pattyn
Systems Administrator

Company overview

Wijs, a cutting edge integrated digital services agency, develops digital strategies, builds websites and helps companies optimize and increase traffic to their online entities. The Belgium based agency, which has experienced tremendous success and phenomenal growth in recent years, provides services including online strategy, web design, information architecture, user experience design, web analytics and SEO audit. With a team of dedicated account managers and an integrated approach, Wijs provides consultation that leads its clients to online and branding success.

The challenge

Recent company growth and an influx of new clients required Dirk Sabbe, COO of Wijs, and his business partner, Bart De Waele, CEO, to search for an online project management software solution that would enable better planning and reporting, that would ultimately lead to more accurate prediction of project status and budget. Dirk and Bart searched for an integrative solution that would serve the multi-departmental team of Project Managers, Operational Managers and the Accounting department. With a dedicated sales team focused exclusively on finding new clients and selling new work, and Operational Managers dedicated to existing customer accounts, the Wijs team needed to ensure that no information was lost, that sales people were notified in their native environment and that communication was shared with both departments.


  • Enhanced reporting
  • Improve task management
  • Better resource management

Why Clarizen

  • Robust reporting tools
  • Developed resource and task management tools
  • The clear visual representation of work plans

The solution

After developing a list of requirements and carefully evaluating several cloud solutions, Wijs selected Clarizen online project management software for its resource management, time tracking, project scheduling and reporting capabilities. With Clarizen and its Salesforce integration, Wijs has experienced a significant reduction in reporting efforts. The Clarizen Salesforce integration enables account managers to input data and produce reports that raise red flags and highlight project progress to account managers and management. Overall, Dirk explains that “reporting efforts have dropped by about 80%.”

The Clarizen Salesforce integration enables the Wijs team “to be able to see how well we are doing on certain projects and certain accounts”. With the collaborative platform, no information is lost and everyone can stay abreast of issues, cases and client requests. Additionally, time spent on planning has dropped by about 30%.

With Clarizen online project management software, the Wijs COO shares, “we found a one stop shop tool for all of our needs from reporting to communication to task management.” Wijs is able to track project progress, time spent on projects and expenses and this has led to improved profitability measurements. The accounting team is able to better predict the amount invoiced versus collected.

“The introduction of V6 has our team extremely enthusiastic about the communication capabilities and the new design.” In looking towards the future vision and Wijs’ strategic plans, Clarizen is sure to be included in the company’s continued expansion and future growth to an ecosystem of agencies with specialties.

Fast Facts

Digital Marketing Agency


Previous Solution:
A combination of Active Collab, Sugar CRM, homemade Intranet

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