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Tnuva Success Story

“For the first time in our company’s history we’re able to unite all of our departments into one project — no emails, no phone calls — just Clarizen.”

Ran Kopel
Corporate Budget and Investment Manager, Projects

Company overview

For over 80 years, Tnuva has provided consumers with a wide variety of premium dairy and cheese products that are made with the freshest ingredients. Tnuva’s Mediterranean-style cheese and dairy products are produced in cutting-edge dairy production facilities located amidst pastoral Galilean hills and valleys. Today, Tnuva is over a billion dollar food conglomerate that is playing an integral role in the global food economy by offering a wide variety of quality products to millions of consumers in Israel.

The challenge

Tnuva’s dairy division is spread out across nine locations in Israel, which made it challenging to create a uniform methodology to create and run projects. Every dairy had its own way to create, report and collaborate on projects with headquarters, and with itself.

“Before Clarizen, each unit used a combination of different tools, such as Microsoft Excel or Project, to build projects, gantt charts and roadmaps,” said Ran Kopel, Corporate Budget and Investment Manager, Projects at Tnuva. “Moreover, consolidated views of critical customer service experience projects were sent monthly, making it challenging to have a clear picture of what was going on. We often found ourselves conducting manual work, tracking people down or traveling to get added information.”


  • Establish a uniform agile project management software methodology
  • Improve collaboration and provide real-time visibility into projects
  • Reduce travel time
  • Automate previously manual work

Why Clarizen?

  • Intuitive and easy to use agile project management software
  • Robust collaboration and project management capabilities
  • Cloud-based solution that enables a centralized view into projects across the organization and beyond

The solution

After one of Tnuva’s factories discovered Clarizen, the company opted to conduct year-long pilot and subsequently implemented the solution across all of its divisions. “As we looked to make a change, we needed a solution that would provide us with a centralized project dashboard and allow us to collaborate more effectively inside and outside of Tnuva. We also needed a solution that was easy to use by employees that are managing projects, but not necessarily traditional project managers,” continued Kopel.

Some of the key features that Tnuva enjoy today include Clarizen’s reporting and risk management capabilities, the collaboration module, and the many pre-built templates. In addition, dashboards and the search functionality are also key. “I love the dashboards, as they give me a full picture of what is taking place, and I can filter any parameter I need – if I want to see what is taking place in one dairy or more. In addition, any of our users can create their own views to meet their needs, and the search engine is fantastic,” said Kopel.

Since implementing Clarizen’s agile project management software, Tnuva has experienced faster time to project completion. With improved visibility into projects, they are able to identify any problems with a task or milestone and quickly take action. Tnuva has also standardized its reporting processes and implemented a clear, uniform methodology to run its projects, significantly reducing the need to travel long distances, and saving travel budget.

“Tnuva is a fairly large organization with many departments and over 6,000 employees. Within the dairy division, it was really hard to put them all into a project before Clarizen. For the first time in our company’s history we’re able to unite all of our departments into one project — no emails, no phone calls —  just Clarizen,” said Kopel. “We’re also pleased with the outstanding service and customer support from Clarizen. If we encounter an issue, we contact them immediately and the team has proven themselves to be very cooperative and professional, which puts my mind at ease.”

In the future, Tnuva plans to expand Clarizen agile project management software beyond its dairies to three additional logistic centers. They are also looking at perhaps connecting their Oracle financials to Clarizen, which will provide added visibility into budget status.


  • Improved time to project completion
  • Streamlined processes
  • Increased productivity and time savings
  • Unified, real-time view into projects
  • Reduction in travel costs

Fast Facts

Food Production


Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project

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