NetApp Success Story

“Thanks to Clarizen, in the first year, we have saved 417 hours, which equates to a 67% reduction in time that was previously spent performing tactical program management work.”


Gia Chung
Senior Manager, Strategic Programs

Company overview

Founded in 1992 with over 13,000 employees across more than 130 offices worldwide, NetApp is creating innovative solutions that deliver outstanding cost efficiency and accelerate business breakthroughs. The company’s commitment to living its core values and consistently being recognized as a great place to work around the world are fundamental to its long-term growth and success, as well as the success of its pathway partners and customers.

The challenge

As the recognized global leader in innovative storage and data management solutions, NetApp has earned a reputation for relentlessly focusing on new and better ways to deliver more services, value and solutions to its growing customer base. As part of this ongoing commitment, the NetApp established five consolidated “pillars” tasked with ensuring the company’s Cluster Data on Tap (cDOT) offering was adopted and executed successfully. These pillars were labeled as: Strategy Alignment; Program Management; Customer Experience; Customer Transition; Business Readiness.

However, despite identifying these pillars, NetApp quickly realized they needed a workflow management system to be successful. The initial process of capturing and sharing information involved taking data, dashboards and charts from 29 cross-functional teams, aggregating them into more than 20 PowerPoint slides and Excel spreadsheets, and ushering them up to the executive level so they could see the big picture. This process was time consuming, labor intensive, complex and ineffective. That’s when NetApp realized that it needed an easier, simpler, smarter and more effective solution.


  • The need to show everyone the big picture by linking work activities to concrete improvements and outcomes
  • The need for a cohesive, centralized plan that all teams could use and rely on to drive progress, performance and results
  • The need to take customer input and use it to guide and influence activities and response, while proactively remediating customer pain points and ensuring that they achieved maximum ROI
  • The need to tie NetApp’s core strategic objectives – growth, agility and customer satisfaction – into its overall plan and operations
  • The need to unleash a wider perspective, so individual teams could grasp the bigger picture and appreciate interdependencies (overlaps/underlaps), and identify opportunities for synergies

Why Clarizen

  • Powerful PPM functionality
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • Both top-down and bottom-up configuration
  • Support for social interaction and collaboration
  • Competitive pricing model
  • Quick deployment plan
  • Consultative support
  • Strong recommendation from internal staff familiar with Clarizen

The solution

As its starting point, NetApp used Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Based IT Project and Portfolio Management Services tool to help refine the key features and capabilities it would need to be successful. From there, the company evaluated and demonstrated several service providers, ultimately and unanimously deciding that Clarizen was the ideal solution.

“Clarizen was the clear winner because it met all of our requirements,” comments Gia Chung, Senior Manager, Strategic Programs, NetApp. “It provides PPM functionality, reporting capabilities, a top-down and bottom-up configuration, and social. And what really sealed the deal for us is that we had very, very strong internal recommendations from some of our people who actually went through the Clarizen implementation process themselves.”

By connecting its cDOT to Clarizen, NetApp no longer has a single PMO resource inefficiency – of laboriously sending requests to 29 different functional teams. Rather, it now has an efficient, centralized platform to connect all teams and generate accurate reports on a real-time basis via an easy-to-use interface.

In fact, in its first year with Clarizen, NetApp’s PMO team saved a staggering 417 hours, which equated to a 67% reduction in time that was previously spent performing tactical program management work. As a result, employees and resources have been freed up to focus on more value added activities such as: managing issues before they become risks, driving deliverables to meet milestones and deadlines, and ensuring that strategic goals will meet expected business outcomes. As Chung further adds:

“Our licensed users can now log into Clarizen, access training materials, manage their project among business initiatives and run any report they want. And for our non-licensed users, Clarizen’s very cool InterAct feature lets them perform basic functions such as logging a risk or issue through their email application, or view a status report through a Sharepoint widget, without even having to log into Clarizen. I can’t tell you how huge this is for us.”

Most compellingly, due to the PMO team’s ability to decrease the amount of time spent on tactical activities, they were able to redirect that time to strategic initiatives.  As a result, they raised their profile within NetApp so much that they caught the attention of other departments.

“Since we implemented Clarizen, the word is spreading,” explains Chung. “Our 29 cross-functional teams see the demonstrated value, and they’re asking us for help to be more efficient and productive. As a result, we’re providing a lot of internal demos to share best practices and methodologies. And while we’ve faced various challenges – some expected and some not — working with Clarizen has actually been the easiest part of the whole journey.”


  • Saved 417 hours in year one, which equates to 67% reduction
  • Can now generate accurate reports on a real-time basis at both the functional or management/executive level
  • Greater capacity to align activities and tasks with business goals and expectations
  • Greater capacity to manage issues before they become risks
  • Greater capacity to drive deliverables to meet milestones and deadlines
  • Leveraging a single, centralized platform vs. managing multiple documents
  • No longer forced to purchase licenses or spend time/money to manage access control for non-power users
  • Improving productivity and efficiency beyond the PMO as 29 other teams explore/adopt Clarizen

Fast Facts

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