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Movento Success Story

“With Clarizen, we have developed a new approach at movento – we do not think in organizational structures but along the customer value chain. Plus we now have a better part in building up the process and in building up efficiency.”

Stephen Meyer
PMO Director

Company overview

movento is a leading consulting company with expertise in customer relationship management (CRM), e-business, mobile business and business intelligence. Differentiating its services with a holistic approach, movento empowers its clients to break down barriers between sales, marketing and services teams. With over 70 employees, clients in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, technology and consumer goods, and locations in Mannheim, Munich, Stuttgart and St. Gallen, movento has led hundreds of projects for specialized and dynamic medium sized companies, leading them through the strategy and process of technological implementations.

The challenge

movento, the cutting edge consultancy, was in search of SaaS web based project management solution to manage their project portfolio with a resource load view. The organization was using various solutions for time tracking, expense tracking and issue management but lacked one central solution for project planning and project management. Joining movento with the intention of improving the project management office, and spearheading the search for a new project management solution, Stephen Meyer recalled Clarizen as a cloud solution he had come across in searches for an alternative to MS Project, the system he had used at previous organizations.

Meyer strongly agreed with movento’s cloud approach based on his own experience of managing large cloud based projects and so he began his search. This led Meyer to Top Ten Reviews, where Clarizen web based project management is rewarded with first place in the category Online Project Management Solutions. Upon reviewing the alternatives, Meyer signed up for a free Clarizen trial during which he was able to build out the customizations and reporting basics that were required so that the movento project management team and leadership could visualize projects managed with Clarizen.

Working with other cloud based technology resources such as Google Apps and Dropbox, the movento team on boarded with acceptance. “It was always clear that we would choose a cloud solution as it is the easiest and safest way to work,” commented Meyer. During the free trial, Meyer and the team began customizing and migrating data from the time reporting tool that had been used up until this point.


  • SaaS Solution
  • An overview of all ongoing projects and the resource load of all employees
  • Time recording as a central module for effort reporting
  • Expense reporting
  • Flexible reporting options, mainly for fast preparation of the monthly calculation bases
  • Issue management for internal affairs

Why Clarizen

  • Clarizen met requirements and customization needs during free trial
  • Clarizen’s first place position on Top Ten Reviews

The solution

Clarizen web based project management has improved best practices and communication between the sales team and project managers at movento. Guidelines have now been developed for project planning and interaction between the project managers and sales team has therefore improved tremendously. Prior to Clarizen, the transfer from the sales team to the project team was not working as best it could– the knowledge was not transferred correctly and the project plan was explained at too high a level which did not properly reflect the details of each project.

With Clarizen, Meyer and the movento team were able to break down the communication between the sales and project management teams into processes. “With Clarizen, we have developed a new approach at movento – we do not think in organizational structures but along the customer value chain.” There are now several key phases in each project including analysis, specification definition, concept definition, realization, documentation and testing. For each of these steps, a proper resource rate is aligned. “With Clarizen we have a better part in building up the process and in building up efficiency.”

Clarizen has also eliminated the need for the three previous tools so that project planning, time tracking, expense tracking and issue management are all housed under and managed within Clarizen. Clarizen helps movento in producing dashboards, billing and customer reports.

movento has also improved communication with customers. The team shares Gantt diagrams with clients to update them on project status. The Clarizen Roadmap is also shown when discussing high level projects. “Clarizen provides a clear view of the project and clients can see if something changes.”


  • Clarizen enabled movento to replace 3 tools for Time Reporting, Expense Reporting and Issue Management
  • Project visualization and constantly updated resource load summary
  • “Faster and more focused decision-making”
  • Project planning works now with significantly less effort
  • Lowered and well calculable maintenance costs

Fast Facts

Professional Services


TimO for Time Reporting, Replicon Web Timesheet for Expense Reporting, JIRA for Issue Management

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