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Achieving Greater Visibility & Efficiency with Agile

“We used another Kanban board solution built on SharePoint, but it eventually failed, and didn’t really meet our needs. Clarizen Go exceeds our expectations by giving us custom fields, exporting to an Excel spreadsheet, emailing to the board, and overall, reliable software. Couldn’t be happier!”

Teresa Horne
IT Operations Supervisor, Moss Adams LLP

Company overview

Moss Adams LLP is one of the 15 largest public accounting firms in the United States and provides accounting, tax and consulting services to public and private middle-market enterprises in many different industries. Founded in 1913 and Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Moss Adams now has more than 3,400 professionals working across more than 25 locations.

The challenge

The Moss Adams’ IT Operations Services team had been using a SharePoint based task management and Kanban board solution to manage tasks and larger work efforts related to their Identity and access management projects, in addition to license management efforts. However, it lacked many capabilities and so was creating inefficiencies, manual dropouts and inconsistency.

For example, the SharePoint system was very rigid and could not be customized enough to meet the business process the team needed to follow. This was important to the IT Operations Services team, as they evolved and managed more work which did not typically fit into their standard incident & service request processes.

There was also no reporting mechanism available, so the IT Operations Services team had to manually collect task and project statuses on an ad hoc basis. Each time they wanted to generate a report on a project or their whole portfolio, sometimes weekly. This process was time consuming and often resulted in incomplete or inaccurate project status reports. Finally, Moss Adams’ IT Operations Services team struggled in keeping their SharePoint system operating as there was little-no support offered for administration and upkeep.

The solution

The lack of support combined with limited customization and reporting functionalities led Moss Adams to the search for a new solution to enable greater business agility while also improving visibility into task, and project status. In addition, it was important to find a system with in-depth product support, from a vendor that could partner with them to resolve issues in a timely manner.

The team at Moss Adams knew they had some unique requirements for their new Agile project management solution. They wanted to capture multiple pieces of information on a task level for inbound requests. Data points such as location, requestor, closure data, group, project type and more must be identified within each request and/or task.

They also needed these data points captured in order to obtain a better understanding of their team’s portfolio health. So, the new system must also be able to easily create reports and dashboards on multiple levels. Because the IT Operations Services team works in Agile Kanban boards, the system also needed to be visual, interactive and flexible.

“The deployment of Clarizen Go has been frighteningly easy; in my line of work it seems that there is always an unexpected problem. I kept waiting for that surprise in this project, but it just never appeared, and it couldn’t have gone better.”

Bryan Jensen
PMO Operations Manager, Moss Adams LLP


The evaluation, selection and implementation of Clarizen Go was as simple as the product itself, and within a few short days the IT Operations Services team was using Clarizen Go to track inbound requests, manage tasks and larger project activities in a more agile and efficient way. A trial of Clarizen Go during the evaluation process fed directly into the production environment once the selection was determined, which sped up the on boarding time and reducing re-work for the administrators.

A benefit Moss Adams’ IT Operations Services team has seen since using Clarizen Go has been increased visibility into project data. They have been capturing the custom data points for each request and so have been able to segment, analyze and report on each of the data points as needed. This has saved the team 3 hours each week in report collection & distribution tasks alone.

An unexpected benefit of using Clarizen Go is that by improving the reporting capabilities and speeding up the distribution of project reports with management, Moss Adams has been able to capture & take action on 100% of all escalations needed. Thereby further increasing efficiency, business intelligence and even improving employee satisfaction.

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