Marketo Success Story

“We signed with Clarizen in 2010. Since then, we’ve used Clarizen to support more than 4,000 successful new deployments and over 10,000 projects. We now have the visibility we need across customer success and sales.”

Jim Hickey
Director of Customer Success

Company overview

Marketo (NASDAQ: MKTO) provides the leading engagement marketing software and solutions designed to help marketers master the art and science of digital marketing. Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform provides its customers with a way to seamlessly deliver meaningful and personalized content to their key audiences on the right channel at the right time. With Marketo, marketers can engage in relevant conversations to build advocacy and lifelong relationships with their customers at scale. More information is available at

The challenge

Marketo sought an online project management software that would allow the company’s delivery team to better track and manage hundreds of simultaneous customer implementations across dozens of project managers. At the time, Marketo’s existing solution was neither robust, scalable nor user-friendly. This presented key challenges for the team including:

  • Limited visibility into analytics and data – it was very difficult to assess client and project health
  • Inadequate customization to fit specific business requirements
  • Lack of timesheets
  • Inefficient project control – projects were tracked on spreadsheets and desktops
  • Lack of collaboration on projects – distributed teams weren’t working efficiently or in tandem
  • Low PSA adoption among users
  • Poor integration with the sales team
  • Difficulty in scaling with business – Vendor required professional services work for simple requests
  • Limited synchronization with Salesforce CRM

“Due to the challenges we faced on a daily basis with our current project management platform, I was always saying no to projects. It was challenging because I wanted to help my team and also manage as many installs as I efficiently could, but it just wasn’t feasible,” said Jim Hickey, director of customer success at Marketo. “I quickly realized with our current project management platform that I wasn’t going to survive in this business saying no all the time. I needed a solution that was going to help me manage and gain insight into the hundreds of implementations occurring at once. I also needed the new solution to integrate with our sales CRM in order to promote cross-team collaboration.”


Jim Hickey and his team looked for a new project management system to help improve internal processes and management efficiency. Some of the core requirements included:

  • Flexible online project management software that could be customized to fit Marketo’s business needs
  • Provide the visibility and collaboration necessary to track and manage hundreds of simultaneous customer implementations
  • Synchronization with other cloud-based tools used by Marketo, including Salesforce CRM and Intacct
  • A user-friendly interface that could be used by the entire Marketo Services Delivery Team

Why Clarizen

  • Strong portfolio management
  • Increased visibility into resources and health of projects
  • Improved ability to manage and monitor Marketo Customer experience
  • Project collaboration for distributed virtual teams
  • Flexibility and project control
  • Strong Salesforce integration that would automatically transition from a sales order to project initiation
  • Ability to customize business workflows that don’t require heavy IT skills
  • Easy-to-learn and use online project management software that ensured good adoption and widespread usability

The solution

After evaluating a number of project management tools, Hickey chose Clarizen for a number of reasons, including its powerful customization features, rich and flexible integration with Salesforce CRM, an easy-to-learn and use interface and a convenient training structure. Clarizen’s support structure meant that Marketo would be able to be up and running quickly. Marketo took advantage of Clarizen’s tutorial videos, daily Q&A webinars, and was also assigned a dedicated customer success manager, which ensured minimal productivity loss during the implementation process.

Furthermore, Clarizen’s user-friendly interface meant a higher adoption rate and widespread use, ensuring greater collaboration and better visibility. Leveraging Clarizen’s turnkey integration with their CRM, Hickey was able to optimize the online project management software to provide informative dashboards, highlighting key metrics for the services organization. The integration gave the sales and executive teams immediate and unprecedented visibility into the health and status of every deployment project.

“Through Clarizen’s integration with Salesforce, we have developed dashboards providing near real-time summaries with drill down details. We are instantly generating reports that used to take at least 20 hours a week,” said Hickey. “Using Clarizen means that I have accountability and visibility across Marketo’s client service projects. Clarizen allows us to optimize our resources and work more efficiently.”


  • Widespread adoption and usage – Marketo used Clarizen to support more than 4,000 successful new deployments and more than 10,000 projects overall
  • Increased customer retention due to improved service satisfaction ratings
  • Strong, tight CRM integration with the sales team
  • Greater ability to balance project managers’ need for control and governance
  • Improved collaboration between in-house, virtual and distributed teams across the globe
  • High PSA adoption by receiving updates to ensure that clients aren’t falling behind
  • Improved executive visibility with full reporting integrated into Salesforce dashboards gives the executive team instant insight into the KPIs, health and status of all projects
  • Insights into time savings through metrics and reports automatically
  • Better resource utilization with resource management and calendaring making it easy to identify available resources and load work balance more effectively
  • Improved agility through the time and expense module used by all resources. Now, management has a clear view of each project’s cost and can course correct to ensure profitability and customer success

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