IP Payments Success Story

“With Clarizen, the sky is the limit. We can customize any aspect of the platform to align closely with our internal business processes.”

Kasia Lania
Head of Business Solutions
IP Payments

Company overview

With more than eight years of experience in cash flow improvement and PCI compliance markets, IP Payments has emerged as a leader in secure revenue management solutions with three core capabilities including payment processing solutions, secure credit card storage solutions and accounts receivable automation solutions.

IP Payments has two primary business areas: enterprise transaction processing and professional services. They work closely with over 5,000 enterprises across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to assist in achieving outstanding business outcomes for each and every customer.  The company has been identified for five years running by Deloitte as one of the 500 fastest growing ICT companies in the Asia-Pacific and has had their online statement invoice presentment and payment solution recognized as the ‘Most Innovative Financial Application’ in the region.

The challenge

Kasia Lania, Head of Business Solutions at IP Payments was in search of an extensive and customizable solution that could be implemented to manage cross departmental client projects. She joined IP Payments with the objective to build and lead a PMO team that would manage client projects. At the time, there was no existing project framework or the formal tools required and hence the need for a solution to help solve this challenge.

IP Payments had a CRM system in place for managing and tracking sales opportunities and customer related support tickets but there was no solution in place for managing projects, resources, project issues and project deliverables. The team performed extensive research and compared several solutions.

Why Clarizen

  • Flexible solution for existing workflows and desired customizations
  • Can sustain and scale as the organization grows
  • Best value for money

The solution

Clarizen was chosen as it was seen as ‘best-fit’ in tracking and managing projects from the close of the sale through to project implementation.  At IP Payments, the PMO, is comprised of Business Solution Managers, who are an active part of the presale process, interacting with the potential client from the get go. They learn the client’s needs and then design, create and implement the most appropriate solution.  All of this communication, information and work needed to be tracked, measured and managed and this is exactly what Clarizen does. “We have various roles that are involved throughout the lifecycle of the project and needed a solution that would allow project information to be visible and easily accessible to all resources, as well as integrate with our existing CRM,” mentioned Kasia Lania.

Clarizen has helped synchronize processes and improve efficiencies. Developers, business solution managers, support teams and the network operations center use Clarizen.  The team works in an agile scrum methodology and during their daily stand-up meetings, the solution managers and developers access Clarizen dashboards and the roadmap to update each other on tasks to be completed that day. Lania shares, “…every day our developers and solution managers meet and put Clarizen on a huge screen for people to go through their tasks and provide updates.”

The entire organization now uses the time tracking feature. Everyone understands the estimated and actual efforts required for tasks making the teams both more efficient and accountable. For the finance team, it also provides insight into the profitability of each project. Clarizen helps project managers and developers store email history and documentation to track important customer communications.

The IP Payments team also takes advantage of Clarizen’s resource management and load reporting functionality to assist in better allocation of team members. As the Head of Business Solutions, Kasia and her team gain and share insights on the fly, all from within Clarizen to update each other and their clients on progress. “With Clarizen, the sky is the limit.  We can customize any aspect of the platform to align closely with our internal business processes.”

Another factor for IP Payments in making the decision to choose Clarizen was in how they related to Clarizen’s company culture. Kasia noted that the decision was an easy one to make when the Clarizen team went “above and beyond in terms of helping to build customizations and workflows specific to IP Payments’ needs. People are a key part of our culture at IP Payments and we received the same treatment from Clarizen people around the globe who genuinely wanted to help us out. Customizations we required, Clarizen was always there to help.”

In the near future, the IP Payments team is looking forward to upgrading to v6 to take advantage of social functionalities, so that clients can gain access with the ability to approve and stay in the know.

Fast Facts

Information Technology and Financial Services

Sydney, AU (head office), NZ & UK

CRM system

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