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IDeaS Success Story

“Clarizen is extremely easy to use, very versatile and highly interactive, which is saving us time on a variety of fronts.”

Alex Grotenhuis, PMP
Senior Manager, Enterprise Team at IDeaS

Company overview

IDeaS, a SAS company, offers industry-leading revenue management software solutions and advisory services for businesses of all types and sizes in the global hospitality and travel industries. Over 10,000 clients in 124 countries collectively use IDeaS’ advanced technology to drive more than 1,000 decisions per minute.

The challenge

IDeaS is a pioneer and global leader in delivering transformative revenue management solutions. The company’s client project management team identified that its ad-hoc mix of project management tools—primarily Excel spreadsheets and Word documents—limited team collaboration and created siloed information that was not always up to date.  Key challenges included:

  • Version control and accessibility issues: teams didn’t always have access to the right information at the right time.
  • Consistency issues: teams were using various standards, methods, tools and templates based on their preferences and experiences.   
  • Need for tighter alignment and collaboration: teams were often working in isolation and needed a different approach to present project status to clients.

To address these challenges, IDeaS recognized that it needed a comprehensive and centralized project management solution with the following requirements:

  • A cloud-based platform accessible by IDeaS clients and
    IDeaS teams
  • A reliable, easy-to-use system for IDeaS clients which would allow them to obtain dynamic, real-time project status updates from a property to an enterprise level
  • The ability to centralize project communications, allowing all stakeholders to follow, respond and find project communications at any time
  • Real-time visibility and centralized document storage with version history capabilities.

The solution

IDeaS’ client project management team assessed several project management solutions and selected Clarizen based on its ability solve the project management efficiency challenges it faced from siloed tools and manual processes.


Clarizen was first implemented across IDeaS’ client project management team. Due to its demonstrated success in helping the IDeaS client services team achieve growth and efficiency, it has since been adopted by the company’s enterprise project management team.

Since implementing Clarizen in December 2013 and using it for several clients and projects, IDeaS enjoys significant results that include:

  • GREATER EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY: clients quickly get the accurate information they need from a single, reliable source that is easy and intuitive to use.
  • ENHANCED VISIBILITY AND TRANSPARENCY: project managers and teams easily access 360-degree, real-time visibility and always know where they are in the project life cycle—with no version-control problems.
  • IMPROVED PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND RESULTS: managers and executives generate customized reports and access targeted metrics via dashboards for projects and portfolios.

Looking ahead

IDeaS enabled the integration between Clarizen and other business tools (e.g., learning management and customer relationship management systems). IDeaS will take their project and process management approach to the next level by utilizing these integrations. Benefits are:

  • Further reduction of manual task management across multiple business tools, which streamlined the implementation processes.
  • Summary view of activities which are tracked in the different business tools (e.g., training and software installation activities can be seen in one Clarizen dashboard).
  • Improved data governance as important project information is automatically shared across the integrated business tools.

IDeaS expects this will generate even more client-focused value and results and help further strengthen its class-leading competitive advantages.

Fast Facts


Minneapolis, Minnesota (Global Headquarters)

MS Excel, MS Word, MS Project

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