Hodges-Mace Success Story

“I love Clarizen. It’s working really, really well. I have department heads coming to me now saying, ‘Hey can we use this tool? and “Can we set up this tool?“

Leslie Hanson
Director, Information Technology · Hodges-Mace, LLC

Company overview

Hodges-Mace, LLC is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and is a leading provider of employee benefits communication, management and enrollment products and services. Founded in 2004 and focused on large U.S. employers, Hodges-Mace is proud to offer customized solutions to over 1,000 clients. The company’s high-touch and innovative service approach quickly solves client challenges and delivers an exceptional customer experience. www.hodgesmace.com

The challenge

Due to rapid growth, Hodges-Mace needed a solution that would provide quicker and broader access into new client and service implementations, as well as ongoing client maintenance.

The company was losing significant time hopping between multiple tools to get the project information it required. Countless hours were also being wasted in manually tracking everything in spreadsheets.

From deal won, to new service implementation, to ongoing client services maintenance, Hodges-Mace needed a way to bridge the gap and streamline operations around the customer lifecycle. They also needed a solution to standardize project tasks and governance so each department and project team could easily follow the same processes and guidelines.

Moreover, to keep up with an expanding client base, Hodges-Mace was looking for greater project visibility for stakeholders across the organization – from executives, to department heads, to project team members.

The solution

After several acquisitions, it was imperative to have a system that would minimize administrative efforts and scale for new growth and sustainability. Clarizen was implemented as a central platform to house all client-related projects. Each department then created Clarizen project templates to standardize processes for all client services. Hodges-Mace also implemented Clarizen’s Salesforce integration to bridge the gap and help streamline the sales-toexecution process. The integration helps them save time by creating projects using pre-configured templates. Project managers no longer need to manually create one-off projects.

The integration is also set to send automatic email notifications to department heads when new sales are made. This keeps everyone in the loop and lets project and financial teams start their work sooner. Everything stays on track without having to rely on less reliable manual communication.

Hodges-Mace has streamlined their client maintenance and project implementations. Across all departments, the integration has improved project management and communication. The sales and sales operations teams now have full visibility into how their cases are progressing. And client services can manage their projects and access critical client information from the CRM.

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