Equifax Success Story

“Thanks to the process and system facilitated by Clarizen, there’s been a substantial increase in our project load. People want to work with us. In addition, many more of our projects are coming in ahead of schedule.”

Dorian Usherwood
Creative Services Leader

Company overview

Equifax empowers businesses and consumers with information they can trust. A global leader in information solutions, the company leverages one of the largest sources of consumer and commercial data, along with advanced analytics and proprietary technology, to create customized insights that enrich both the performance of businesses and the lives of consumers. More information on Equifax is available at //www.equifax.com.

The challenge

One of the key challenges for Equifax’s in-house creative services team – which works on upwards of 2,500 projects each year — was to ensure that it was not just a “production shop,” but instead a “strategic business partner” with the capacity to respond to requests, and help drive organizational goals, objectives and growth.

To achieve this vision, incoming Creative Services Leader Dorian Usherwood realized that it was vital to implement a new, flexible staffing model within the creative services function, so that all team members could connect, communicate and collaborate, including: agencies of record, internal art and video directors, creative services leaders, production management, and freelancers.

Usherwood also determined that the traditional practice of localizing decision-making among corporate communications directors was preventing the creative services team from:

  • Understanding from a strategic standpoint what the corporate communications team wanted and needed to accomplish through their programs and campaigns
  • Helping the corporate communications team identify the right creative services approach (e.g. working with an internal team, leveraging an agency partner, connecting with freelance resources, etc.)
  • Supporting the corporate communications team’s need to maximize spend, and respond to ongoing strategic and business needs

This “no project management” style system was characterized by:

  • No organized system for emails and files
  • No effective way to track projects through the lifecycle
  • No FTE resources to manage flow
  • No effective collaboration across or between stakeholders
  • No capacity to effectively respond to unanticipated project requests


  • Enable collaboration and communication between all stakeholders: marketing, business, strategy, creative, agencies, freelancers and systems
  • Efficiently store and organize project communications and assets
  • Track projects through the lifecycle, while managing flow
  • Respond rather than react to unplanned or unexpected requests
  • Provide accurate and updated visibility for all activity across the organization
  • Give creative team a sense of “ownership” of the solution to encourage adoption

Why Clarizen

  • Provides a standardized collaboration and project management solution that eliminates siloed legacy tools and inconsistent practices
  • Cloud-based solution dramatically reduced implementation time and costs
  • Extensive and responsive Clarizen support

The solution

Based on the challenges and requirements described above, Usherwood selected Clarizen in light of several key value propositions:

  • Clarizen was an enterprise tool vs. a marketing-only solution, which would bring internal and external teams together
  • Clarizen would enable the creative services team to customize the project management based on unique use cases
  • Clarizen would reduce frustration from marketing and business partners wondering where their projects were in the process
  • Clarizen would fundamentally serve as a catalyst to drive transformational change
  • Clarizen was inherently capable of growing and scaling the creative services team, both at corporate headquarters and worldwide

With respect to implementation, Usherwood credits three factors for successful adoption and minimal resistance:

  • The fact that the creative services team was involved from the outset, and therefore could take ownership of the new solution and system
  • Support from Equifax’s marketing leadership team
  • Ongoing support of Clarizen’s Success Managers

On this last point, says Usherwood: “It only took a couple of months to implement Clarizen, and Clarizen’s Customer Success team was a big reason for that. They really helped us identify our key business requirements on the front end. Before we thought about implementation, we worked with our internal process improvement resources to define our workflows, needs and objectives.”

In addition, the Equifax Creative Services team is reaping additional advantages and benefits that it did not anticipate, including the ability to:

  • Add product marketing and demand generation to its project management system
  • Drive accountability by integrating Service Level Agreements directly into Clarizen
  • Improve communication and collaboration within the corporate communications team
  • Utilize new features and further customize Clarizen – which is happening faster and easier than expected thanks to the ongoing support of Clarizen’s Success Manager
  • Export best practices throughout other Equifax’s teams that adopt Clarizen

Thanks to Clarizen, Usherwood says that his creative services team now has “a true project management system,” one that:

  • Brings the business, internal creative resources, agencies of record and freelancers, the corporate communications team, and project management together in one conversation and ecosystem
  • Uses standardized project tiers, where resources and efforts are appropriately aligned with project priority
  • Drives cross-functional collaboration — including real-time communication and customer relationship management
  • Centralizes all project files and assets, so that there is searching for key information
  • Functions as a powerful and customized requests system with a single, consistent project entry point
  • Eliminates lag time getting new resources up-to-speed — which is especially beneficial as freelancers transition on and off projects


  • Increase in project load because of newfound accountability, transparency and visibility
  • Increase in projects completed ahead of time
  • Increase in overall team productivity across the creative services team
  • Increased team efficiency
  • Better cross-functional collaboration
  • Ability to track project lifecycle

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