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Buckinghamshire County Council Success Story

“We are clearly able to monitor time more efficiently and that is going to be a major change of our phase two push of developing costing models. At the end of the day, we will be using all facilities within Clarizen.”

Brian Grainger
ICT Service Manager
Buckinghamshire County Council

Company overview

Buckinghamshire County Council works to deliver essential community services to the Buckinghamshire community. Council delivers services include adult and child social care, registration services, emergency planning, education, libraries, trading standards and transportation all supported by back office functions such as Finance, HR and ICT. Leading the management of projects in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) team at the county council is Brian Grainger, the ICT Service Manager, along with Tracy Warner, the Senior Programme Support Officer. ICT projects are distributed and managed depending on their nature. There are projects managed by project managers as well as small developments which do not warrant fully dedicated project managers. The Council project managers follow PRINCE 2 standards and utilize all project management skills.

The challenge

Prior to starting the evaluation process of a new cloud solution, the Buckinghamshire County Council team experienced a lack of information integration across ICT projects. Grainger and Warner sought a replacement for Work.Together in order to achieve improved functionality and allocation of resources and strive towards transparent project management of the ICT teams workloads. Their previous solution served primarily for time recording and document management rather than empowering the ICT team to properly manage projects, resources and work efforts.

To meet the corporate ICT Strategy Grainger and Warner knew that the solution had to be cloud based and offer collaborative capabilities. With Work.Together, the team lacked insight into benchmarking and was unable to accurately measure the cost and charges associated with services. Furthermore, overall time and costs were not being effectively monitored. As a local authority, the team needed to ensure work and models were updated and measurable.


  • Cost effective cloud based solution
  • Improve functionality of previous solution
  • Enable better allocation of resources and transparency of work loads

Why Clarizen

  • Smooth onboarding
  • Best value for money when compared to other evaluated systems
  • Met all requirements
  • Transparent project management

The solution

While in search of a transparent project management solution that would fit their strategy and business needs, Buckinghamshire received a positive recommendation from ongoing consultant, Arcus Global, to try Clarizen. Grainger and team laid out all requirements and initiated a pilot phase that included the ICT and Finance Centre of Expertise teams. Onboarding for the Buckinghamshire team was fairly smooth. Warner notes, “We had a culture of timesheets and people were used to working with a system.” Grainger and Warner accessed Clarizen’s database of training materials to develop internal manuals that would make onboarding and training as smooth as possible. With the support of the Customer Success team, they mapped out relevant training for each user type and team and developed short workshops.

To date, Clarizen has provided improved monitoring of time and costs and improved integration of project information. Managers and team members have better visibility of the project workload. Buckinghamshire have just embarked on a phase 2 implementation which will concentrate on further developments in Project Planning and a greater use of Resource Management modules. Clarizen will then enable Buckinghamshire to efficiently charge outside bodies for work and will be a useful tool in ensuring that rates are covering expenditures; this is especially important for outsourced work and cross governmental projects.

Grainger and Warner determined Clarizen a fit for the county council’s requirements at a good value for the cost in comparison to other solutions. Today there are a variety of teams and outsourced consultants that use Clarizen on a daily basis. With the initial success of onboarding work and projects onto Clarizen, the next phase will also include rollout in Buckinghamshire County Council to include the Finance and Human Resources teams. “At the end of the day, we will be using all facilities within Clarizen,” noted Grainger.


  • Better visibility and management of project documentation
  • Managing project information
  • Monitoring improved results: “We are clearly able to monitor time more efficiently and that is going to be a major change of our phase two push of developing costing models”

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