Clarizen has helped BSC project management teams achieve true visibility across multiple project portfolios and ensure that every project is directly tied to key business results. Many reports, for instance, that were previously produced manually are now built into the BSC’s Clarizen implementation and available to project managers via Clarizen widgets embedded in SharePoint, Excel and other tools.

In one case, the PMO team worked closely with its Clarizen Customer Success Manager to create a report using the Clarizen Excel Add-in to track operations time spent on new product development and cross charge that time to appropriate divisions such as R&D. The automation of manual time-tracking process is saving BSC one full FTE, amounting to a savings of more than $90,000 per year.

Clarizen widgets instilled in the PMO SharePoint portal also allow users to view portfolio content without logging in. The Excel add-in, embedded in the portal, provides dashboards that give executives up-to-minute project status on every portfolio item within Bay Area operations.

The cross-portfolio connections in Clarizen have helped eliminate surprises across different management teams by enabling them to avoid project delays due to lack of resource availability or other conflicts. The BSC PMO team recently implemented the meeting minutes app from the Clarizen Apps Marketplace. The free application turns meeting minutes into action items that then appear in Project, User Group and Discussion Group threads, enabling these items to be tracked like any other project task.

“Clarizen enables projects that originate in one portfolio to be linked to all portfolios where it will have an impact,” Neuman explains. “This type of visibility ensures that we are working on the right things and that our resources are deployed where they can make the greatest difference.”

  • Provides resource visibility and eliminates surprises via cross-portfolio connections and flexible reporting
  • Saves more than $90,000 per year via automated cross-charge reporting
  • Fosters PPM team approach resulting in resource optimization and risk reduction
  • Avoids traditional IT acquisition process, reducing implementation time by years
  • Delivers up-to-minute project status with executive dashboards and roadmap views accessible via common desktop tools
  • Shifts software costs from CapEx to OpEx via cloud based SaaS deployment