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Blue Fountain Media Success Story

“Our employees found Clarizen so efficient and easy that we actually saw a 30% increase in time-tracking accuracy.”

Kristan Baker
Operations Analyst
Blue Fountain Media

Company overview

Blue Fountain Media is an award winning, results-driven, website design, development and online marketing company based in Manhattan, New York. The company provides comprehensive services including branding (logo design, letterhead, promotional materials), communications (press releases, online reputation management, copywriting), and all aspects of online marketing (search engine marketing and optimization, and online reputation management). More information is available at //

The challenge

Blue Fountain Media has established renown for focusing on its clients’ business goals and delivering on measurable solutions for online growth and greater brand loyalty. The company’s ability to consistently exceed client expectations is a key reason why it has been honored as a top 10 digital agency worldwide for website design, website development, ecommerce, mobile development, and branding.

Despite its legacy of impressive success and achievement, Blue Fountain realized that, in order to keep growing and raising the bar, it needed to consolidate its systems and become a more efficient, collaborative organization. As Blue Fountain Media’s Operations Analyst Kristan Baker says: “We were inefficiently using three to five systems to track our time, build project plans, and share document information. Not having a simple and efficient way to track down and retrieve documents when we needed them had become a big issue.”

At the same time, Blue Fountain Media realized that it had to improve its time tracking function. “We weren’t getting accurate time logs. In fact, time tracking was so overwhelming that some people weren’t logging their time,” says Baker.


  • Consolidate systems and become a more efficient, collaborative organization — particularly as more teams are added around the world
  • Significantly improve time tracking – many employees not using old system at all
  • Avoid important information being “trapped” in email and various file storage systems through a simple and efficient system
  • Improve transition management – particularly when involving multiple accounts and new employee on-boarding

The solution

After evaluating various companies and products, Blue Fountain Media selected Clarizen as its project and workflow management solution. With Clarizen, team members improved their time tracking efficiency, easily search for project-related information, documents and assets, and easily share various file types all within one, centralized system. The ability to share project widgets with clients directly within Clarizen was also a huge value.

To support rapid adoption, the organization rolled out an employee training program that supported three different learning preferences: Visual (seeing), audible (hearing), and kinetic (doing). This approach was very well received by employees, and the training was augmented by Baker and her colleagues demonstrating various Clarizen “tips and tricks” to help employees speed up some of their daily processes. As Baker reflects:

When our employees started to see how Clarizen gave them more and better information, and how it helped them speed up their regular processes, adoption rates improved and the initial hesitation that is always associated with introducing any new system – no matter how bad or hated the old one — was replaced with enthusiasm.

Since implementing Clarizen, Blue Fountain Media has dramatically improved collaboration and information sharing. As Baker notes:

The ability to track our emails and our internal discussions, and really force that process to upload those important documents to the project so that everyone can have them in one place, has really been a game changer for us.

Another key area of improvement has been with respect to managing transitions. According to Baker:

We had several different transitions of nearly 20 accounts.  A lot of information needed to be shared all at once. Thanks to Clarizen, we had all of the emails and updated files associated with the project, which greatly improved the transition. We simply couldn’t have achieved that level of efficiency before Clarizen.

Furthermore, Blue Fountain Media’s time-tracking chaos has been replaced by an efficient and reliable solution with full employee buy-in. Says Baker: “Once we implemented Clarizen, our employees found it was so efficient and easy that we actually saw a 30% increase in time-tracking accuracy. It was very, very impressive.”

Blue Fountain Media has also started using Clarizen’s API to create a development assistant dashboard, where developers can pull and push information directly from Clarizen, and account managers can access it whenever they need it. The organization’s developers have also started color-coding information so they can instantly see project status, which has improved efficiency and issue management.

In addition, based on the marked improvements enjoyed by its project management group, Blue Fountain Media has expanded Clarizen to its non-project management employees, who are using it for expense requests, IT requests, and business analyst functions.


  • 30% increase in time-tracking accuracy, with full employee adoption and buy-in.
  • Dramatic across-the-board time-saving improvements.
  • Improved information sharing among project team members.
  • Better and more accurate reporting on expenses, tasks, milestones, etc.
  • Improved accountability, with all project data visible and in one centralized space.
  • Substantial improvement in how managers balance/re-balance resources.
  • Ability to compare plans/baselines to actual performance, in order to analyze variances and make improvements.
  • Ability to share information internally, efficiently and rapidly, including project information, articles, social communication, new processes, meeting notes, and detailed historical data.
  • Improved hand-off processes, especially when on-boarding new employees.
  • Ability to customize workflows to fit specific use cases (e.g. site audits, etc.).

Fast Facts

Marketing Agency

New York, NY

Gemini, Homegrown Solution

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