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Arvato Success Story

“Our key priority was to have the ability to understand the status of our projects and how much we were billing against them and turn that into useful reporting. We now have that with Clarizen.”

Kurt Goldman
Change and Transformation Manager, CRM Solutions

Company overview

Arvato is a trusted business process outsourcing partner to the private and public sectors. With more than 50 years of experience in outsourcing, they combine their expertise in customer service, supply chain management, financial solutions and public sector and citizen services to deliver innovative solutions that help our clients achieve their strategic objectives and delight their customers. Arvato has long-term partnerships with some of the most respected companies in the UK and globally, as well as innovative public sector clients. Internationally, Arvato is a leading global BPO provider with over 68,000 people employed across almost 40 countries worldwide.

The challenge

Arvato’s ten locations across the UK and Ireland make them well placed to provide responsive outsourcing solutions to meet their clients’ needs. However, this also provides them with the challenge of needing to adopt a consistent approach to project management, instead of using different methodologies and tools across each site.

“Different parts of our business had varying levels of project management maturity,” explains Kurt Goldman, Change and Transformation Manager, CRM Solutions, Arvato UK & Ireland. “Some were very good and kept really tight documentation using tools like MS Project and SharePoint, while other groups still needed to get an accurate picture of what was chargeable during projects and required a governance structure.”

He continues, “Given the diverse nature of our business, we needed to get our head around how we could track individual users and manage four or five different rate cards across a single day of work. We needed an easier way to provide the information to our financial team to enable better management of client billing.”

The solution

Representatives from I.T, Finance, and the Programme Management Office (PMO) joined together to evaluate and select a suitable project and portfolio management (PPM) solution, to be deployed across the UK company. The selection team agreed on key features and characteristics that were key in a PPM solution, including:

  • Flexibility with consistency to handle a variety of clients, with a consistent structure for tracking project progress
  • Powerful time and cost tracking
  • Cost-effective and scalable


The Arvato PPM selection team chose Clarizen because it not only ticked all the right boxes, but also due to their experienced team. “Ultimately, we felt the relationship and support from Clarizen was better than other suppliers,” Kurt notes.


Implementation took approximately four months prior to the official launch in early 2018. Today, Kurt Goldman and his team are proud of the level of acceptance across the UK Company. He said: “Often, when moving to a new system such as Clarizen, especially where there was no PPM in place previously, people will still rely on old data sets and tools. But, without exception, everybody has come on board faster than we expected. We now have more than 90% of our licensed users logging their time on Clarizen every week.”

Now that one of the PPM team’s biggest objectives has been met—to win hearts and minds—the team are sitting down with the management team to understand their reporting needs.   Kurt explained, “We are rolling up information into custom reports and dashboards for our Board members and C-level management.”

Fast Facts

Business process outsourcing 

Head Office, Slough, UK

MS Project, Excel, Sharepoint

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