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Affinnova Success Story

“Although setting up workflows and customization can take some time and effort, it is extremely worth it. And when needed, Clarizen’s support was there for us every step of the way. I highly recommend Clarizen for its work collaboration capabilities, and its responsive and personalized customer support.”

Konstantin Valchev
Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis and Systems Integration

Company overview

Affinnova is the technology platform of choice for companies seeking to dramatically improve their innovation and marketing success rates. Powered by Affinnova’s optimization algorithms and predictive analytics and insights, marketers can explore a substantially wider creative space of product, advertising and design ideas, quickly identifying, which will perform best in the market. Its solutions have been transformative for both large and mid-sized enterprises across a number of industries including consumer packaged goods, life sciences, financial services, retail, and e-commerce and consumer electronics. Headquartered in the greater Boston area with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland and Singapore, Affinnova is one of the fastest-growing marketing technology companies in the world, with 500% revenue growth rate over the past five years.

The challenge

With over 100 outstanding projects with different timelines across multiple project teams and clients globally, Affinnova could no longer manage its workforce with its outdated and labor-intensive tools of Microsoft Dynamics, Outlook email and Excel spreadsheets. Specifically, there was a huge disconnect between sales, finance and operational data, making it difficult to understand where the company stood from a revenue standpoint.

“At the time, we wanted to be able to understand where were on any given project and who specifically was working on it,” said Lang Leonard, CFO of Affinnova.  “It was just too complicated to understand when and where engagements were occurring, to see the capacity and work load for any individual, and to understand how it was linked to the commissions we were paying out. We were in need of true work force planning in real-time.”


  • Understand the real-time status of projects across entire organization
  • Insight into capacity and workload for any individual and how links to paid out commissions
  • Project management SaaS that allows workforce planning

Why Clarizen

  • Easy-to-use user interface project management SaaS
  • Seamless integration with
  • Very easy to customize, create custom reports, and change the predefined settings
  • Cloud-based solution that enables real-time updates and a global view for clients and employees

The solution

Being an analytics technology company itself, Affinnova conducted a very long and thorough evaluation. “We were very diligent in our research efforts,” continued Leonard. “We looked at dozens of solutions over many months and completed a very lengthy RFP process with many Clarizen competitors. In the end however, Clarizen was the clear standout.”

One of its many differentiators was Clarizen’s project management SaaS seamless integration to Using, Affinnova’s sales, finance, client services, and R&D teams would track pipeline, bookings, and commissions, while also using other siloed tools to track projects, team, and time across multiple geographies. “In the past, sales and operations were extremely disconnected making it very difficult to understand where we were from a revenue standpoint. Although the different departments were both engaged in the project lifecycle, it was at different stages, and we needed a way to get on the same page.”

Upon implementing the Clarizen project management SaaS App, Affinnova was able to combine sales, financial, and operational data directly within Affinnova discovered the integration accommodates the natural flow from opportunity to project and allows the creation of projects from Salesforce in Clarizen and then sends the data to Clarizen. The real time, on-the-fly collaboration immediately increased visibility, improved processes and allowed Affinnova to more effectively leverage their workforce across the varying departments.

The solution was well received and within just 2 months of implementation, almost half of the organization’s employees possessed licenses. “The goal has always been to have everything integrated in one centralized database. I would say about 80 people out of 200 across research, its sub-teams, sales and finance are actively using Clarizen. Simply put, we plan to integrate more and more activities into the solution.”


  • More effectively managed and understood financial performance
  • Increased visibility of the business cross departmentally and in real-time
  • Better leveraging of the workforce by redefining resource allocation processes

Fast Facts

Marketing Research

Waltham, MA

Microsoft – Excel, Outlook, Dynamics

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