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Company Overview

Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Santy, or simply “Santa” is a figure with legendary, historical and folkloric origins. In many Western cultures, he is said to bring gifts to the homes of good children on the 24th of December – the night before Christmas Day. Santa’s workshop is the workshop where Santa Claus is said to make the toys and presents given out at Christmas. In Santa Claus mythology, the “workshop” is a sprawling commune located at the North Pole or in Lapland. In addition to housing the factory where toys are either manufactured or distributed by the elves, the complex also houses the residence of Santa Claus, his wife, companions and all of the reindeer (per Wikipedia).Santas Work Shop 2015 Clarizen

The Challenge

Prior to using Clarizen, Santa’s elves were struggling to organize and prioritize the literally millions of requests coming in from both good and naughty children all across the globe. They could not respond to changes to gift lists, item costs, and chimney addresses, and had to sift thorough endless email chains to find the materials associated with requests. Unsurprisingly, Santa had no easy way to determine which of his elves could take on new projects, and pined for simple, customizable dashboards to give him a holistic view of his business.

The Solution

Since implementing Clarizen, Santa is reaping significant benefits, and his team of elves is more efficient, agile, and better positioned to succeed. The improvement is evident on two very important levels: delivering added child happiness and joy, and supporting his manufacturing and finance teams.

Delivering Added Customer Value

Thanks to the recently enhanced Clarizen and Box integration, Santa’s elves can now view all of their received pictures and gift lists directly in Clarizen.  Additionally, when a new Christmas project is activated in Clarizen, a folder in Box is automatically created and connected to the project, which ensures that it is consistently pre-populated with relevant materials. This integration between the two best-of-breed cloud solutions fosters increased productivity that drives better business results for the elves professional services team.

The Results
  • Seamless hand-off between children/their parents and elves for project/task kick-off
  • 85% reduction in naughty children accidentally being delivered the naughty/dangerous gifts they asked for
  • 92% increase in parent satisfaction (per SurveyMonkey)
  • Substantial improvement in capturing and billing on elve’s time; generating 200% more revenue in 2015 (what, did you think they worked for free?)
  • Using Clarizen’s collaboration feature, Santa’s reindeer handlers were able to find a new sleigh, saving Santa .0000005 seconds per home, ultimately giving him more time to eat cookies and drink milk

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