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The global coronavirus pandemic forced virtually every enterprise to adapt to significant disruptions – closing offices, canceling travel, and asking employees to work from home. Organizations will still be adapting long after the pandemic fades away. Those that turn business disruptions into business opportunities will succeed. How to do so will be the focus of our virtual summit, “Embrace Uncertainty – How Enterprises Can Thrive on Continuous Change,” beginning on Tuesday, July 21.

The summit will comprise three one-hour sessions, with one session per day. Clarizen CEO Matt Zilli and guest speaker, Brian Hopkins, from Forrester will kick things off on July 21 with a strategic discussion around why work management is more than processes and technology – it’s about results and adaptability. As Zilli pointed out in his recent blog post, “every business can improve the impact of their work, even in the face of minor and major disruptions.”

On July 22 and 23, business leaders from McDonald’s, Cisco, Siemens, JLL, Publicis Groupe, ADP, and Root, Inc. – will share their unique experiences and lessons learned. They will address a wide range of topics including: how to build change-resilient teams, how to transform the way you work to not just do things differently, but to ultimately make a greater impact on your business. , and why it’s important to put plans on coming out of pandemic-imposed shutdowns into action as soon as possible.

Here is the full schedule – one registration will admit you to all three days:


Day 1: July 21, 2020 8-9am PDT

What it takes to be an adaptive enterprise and how to come out of this pandemic stronger.

  • Opening keynote: Matt Zilli – Clarizen CEO
  • Guest speaker: Brian Hopkins – Forrester VP & Principal Analyst

Day 2: July 22, 2020 8-9am PDT

How to use customer-centric strategy to introduce and manage change, drive focus and achieve results.

  • McDonald’s – Scott Badskey, Director GTPMO
  • JLL – Bob Bowman, Global Program Lead
  • Root, Inc. – Chris Williams, Partner

Day 3: July 23, 2020 8-9am PDT

How to get started: ways to immediately become more value driven, no matter how large or small your teams are or what industry you’re in.

  • Siemens Energy – David Walters, OnePM System Manager
  • Publicis – Ekin Caglar, Head of Technology
  • Cisco Capital – Aimee Shea, Director, PMO
  • ADP – Kyle Stockwell, Director, PMO

Register to attend here. If you have questions you would like any of our presenters to address, please send us a message on Twitter to @clarizen with the hashtag #EmbraceUncertainty.

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