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Clarizen helps you and your team get the right work done, faster. View the project management comparison chart to find out which service is best for you.

Enterprise Edition

Unlimited Edition

Number of Projects, Portfolios, and ProgramsUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of Cases (Issues, Risks, and Requests)UnlimitedUnlimited
Resource Managementblue-rightorange-right
Financial Planningblue-rightorange-right
Time & Expense Managementblue-rightorange-right
Reporting & Analyticsblue-rightorange-right
Social Collaborationblue-rightorange-right
Mobile Application (iPhone/Android)blue-rightorange-right
      Custom Fields15040001
      Custom Actions100500
      Custom Pages/Panels15100
      Custom Objects152
Business Rules200400
Scheduled Components (Reports, Dashboards, Workflows)50Up to 120 per day3
InterAct Email Collaboration Engineblue-rightorange-right
      InterAct Rules2001000
      Number of Object-Specific MailboxesUnlimitedUnlimited
      Number of Global Mailboxes1010
      Number of Emails to Global and Object Mailboxes per Day10005000
      Number of Support Mailboxes33
      Number of Emails for Support Mailboxes per Day20007000
File Storage per Paid Seat1GBUnlimited
API Accessblue-rightorange-right
SSO & LDAP IntegrationIncludedIncluded
Application Integrations4Add-onAdd-on
Request PricingRequest Pricing
  • Compare Plans

    Clarizen helps you and your team get the right work done, faster. View the comparison chart to find out which service is best for you.
  • Number of Projects, Portfolios, and Programs
  • Number of Cases (Issues, Risks, and Requests)
  • Resource Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Time & Expense Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Social Collaboration
  • Mobile Application (iPhone/Android)
  • Customization
  •       Custom Fields
  •       Custom Actions
  •       Custom Pages/Panels
  •       Custom Objects
  • Business Rules
  • Scheduled Components (Reports, Dashboards, Workflows)
  • InterAct Email Collaboration Engine
  •       InterAct Rules
  •       Number of Object Specific Mailboxes
  •       Number of Global Mailboxes
  •       Number of Emails to Global and Object Mailboxes per Day
  •       Number of Support Mailboxes
  •       Number of Emails for Support Mailboxes per Day
  • File Storage per Paid Seat
  • Support
  • API Access
  • SSo & LDAP Integration
  • Application Integrations4
  1. Up to 500 custom fields are allowed per super-class.
  2. Additional objects can be added on demand.
  3. Depending on number of licenses. Learn More.
  4. Salesforce, Gainsight, JIRA, Slack, Data Warehouse Export.

Clarizen License Types

Clarizen is available in 4 different license types. The project management software license table below highlights the main features available per license type.

fullteam membertime & expensesocial
Social Collaborationright-signright-signright-signright-sign
Clarizen Bot for Slackright-signright-signright-signright-sign
Mobile App Accessright-signright-signright-signright-sign
Risk, Issue, and Request Managementright-signright-signright-sign right-sign
Task Managementright-signright-signright-sign*right-sign*
Time Trackingright-sign right-sign right-sign
Expense Managementright-sign right-sign right-sign
Full Project Lifecycle Managementright-sign
Project Gantt, Roadmap, & Calendar viewsright-sign
Portfolio Managementright-sign
Resource Managementright-sign
Financial Planningright-sign
Reports and Dashboardsright-sign
Automatic Status Reportingright-sign
Team Task & Calendar Managementright-sign

*To Do List Items Only

  • Social Collaboration
  • Clarizen Bot for Slack
  • Mobile App Access
  • Risk, Issue, and Request Management
  • Task Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Expense Management
  • Full Project Lifecycle Management
  • Project Gantt, Roadmap, & Calendar Views
  • Portfolio Management
  • Resource Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Automatic Status Reporting
  • Team Task & Calendar Management
  • Integrations

*To Do List Items Only