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With Clarizen Go, it’s easy for diverse teams from across your organization to work the way they want.

” Clarizen Go allows each team to manage their work in a variety of ways, and also gives us the ability to consolidate the previously disparate project data into a cohesive dashboard for managers to look at the total project asks. “

– Krista Coquia, Manager, Program Management Office at LogMeIn

Transform your team into a high performing machine that not only delivers on time and under budget, but also skillfully manages projects and workloads in coordination with the rest of your organization.




Professional Service

Marketing Teams

Nothing says hectic like a marketing team getting ready for fast approaching deadlines and launches. Last minute changes, scattered assets and endless approval processes mean that teams waste precious time putting out fires. Clarizen Go removes the clutter and eliminates the noise. It offers a simple way to manage tasks that helps marketing teams track, organize and monitor the tons of little details that go into launching a successful campaign, new product, and the daily complex marketing workflow. With Clarizen Go, marketing teams meet their deadlines, align, collaborate and simply manage tasks.

Do it your way — Encourage your team to succeed by giving them the freedom to work in the style best suited to them. Use multiple boards per project to organize tasks and implement checklists to ensure that the team is always on track.
Achievement unlocked — Meet your KPIs and say goodbye to missed deadlines and blown budgets caused by vendor cost overruns. Stay on top of all aspects of your projects to ensure that progress is aligned with the rest of the organization so that your launch is ready to go before the deadline.
Focus is everything — It’s easy for your team to master scrum with Clarizen Go. Help your teams take productivity to the next level with an array of out-of-the-box tools like epics, milestones, backlog prioritization, retrospectives, and much more.

” We work with a lot of different teams and Clarizen Go makes it easy to get a good picture of everything going on. “

– Content Strategy team, customer experience software company

Development Teams

Complex problems and insurmountable challenges can only be solved with focus, clarity and organization. Easily embrace agile methodologies and manage your backlog using an intuitive, highly visual interface. Clarify fast changing priorities across your entire team with a click and empower your teams with highly personalizable workflows that will get them excited about their projects.

Keep your team on track — Manage your entire backlog in an easy to use centralized interface. Add comments and attach files to stories so that no one wastes time and everybody is focused on the task at hand.
Personalize workflows — Create multiple workspaces and boards or just one while customizing stages per each board. Clarizen Go works for you, not the other way around! Organize your work by sprints, projects, customers, or milestones — personalization is just a few clicks away.
Agile task management — Make huge projects look easy by breaking them down into small, digestible deliverables. Planning by epics and stories makes it easy to group multiple tasks into value-driven sprints while backlog grooming ensures that your teams are going in the right direction.

IT Teams

These days IT teams wear many hats. As companies from every industry become increasingly dependent on technology to get their business done, IT teams are now critical elements of the value chain that need to drive business results while meeting tight deadlines and collaborating with different teams.

To achieve their goals, IT must transform themselves into agile teams capable of handling multiple, diverse projects simultaneously while exceeding expectations. Clarizen Go makes it simple for IT teams to meet their own project deadlines while still providing employees with excellent service and support.

Embrace agile — Easy to use, out of the box planning and tracking methodologies empower your team to execute faster! Backlog prioritization and sprint planning ensure that your entire workload, from the most mundane IT support tasks to complicated devops projects, will be handled quickly and efficiently.
Personalized workflows — Let each of your teams personalize their workflows to match how they work. Keep teams more organized by using multiple boards in each workspace and create custom stages to reflect each team’s workflow.
Continuous alignment — Make sure that everyone stays in the loop by sharing files, adding comments and using notifications within the context of the task. Relevant personnel are immediately informed about changes and important updates to ensure full visibility and work continuity across the entire team.

Professional Service Teams

Working with customers is never easy, especially when expectations are high and the smallest hiccup can hurt your bottom line. This goes double for professional services teams that juggle multiple accounts while constantly evaluating business metrics to track profitability.

Clarizen Go makes it easy for you to keep track of projects while empowering unprecedented levels of customer collaboration that keep important stakeholders in the mix. No matter your poison — Kanban, Scrum or Scrumban — Clarizen Go provides you with a simple way to manage your tasks while centralizing important information so that everyone’s always on the same page.

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Clarizen Go Features & Benefits

Encourage success and increase alignment across your entire organization.

Better Together

Increase visibility and break down organizational silos by using Clarizen One and Clarizen Go together. This empowers teams to work the way they work best and let’s them spend more time on interesting work that drives business results instead of wasting time on redundant status reports that don’t.

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