Drive management speed and agility to achieve business results

Clarizen Eagle is a proactive collaboration app that helps executive teams manage and track
key initiatives and collaborate to reach their business goals.

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Align management around
shared goals

Real-time visibility into
action items and KPIs

Proactive and
contextual collaboration

Up to 70% of business initiatives fail to meet their goals

While business initiatives, both strategic or ad-hoc are essential for a company’s success, many of them fail to achieve their goals due to a lack of alignment, visibility, agility and collaboration within management teams.

Markets are moving faster than ever, but most executive teams rely on monthly or quarterly meetings, spreadsheets and presentations, and struggle to handle both their day to day business and higher-level executive initiatives.

Accelerate management speed, agility and collaboration

Just like navigating with a paper map the traditional methods of leading a company are not sufficient to quickly sense and respond to internal and external changes. To be faster and more agile, companies need clear objectives, real-time data, and the ability to make fast pivots that drive success.

While KPIs and dashboards are important tools to track progress they are merely the starting point for what truly differentiates best in class companies from the rest. Executives need the ability to analyze the situation based on data, collaborate with ease between executives, make decisions, and review the impact of their efforts.

Clarizen Eagle provides a platform that enables business initiative management, tracking, and collaboration with a purposeful focus on the needs and challenges of modern day managers and executives.