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Clarizen and Procore Partner to Help Construction Companies Improve Agility Before and After the Bulldozers Break New Ground

Peanut butter and jelly. The mouse and keyboard. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Just a few examples of products and people that are great on their own, but after you pair them together, you wonder how you ever lived without them. That’s what the new integration of the Clarizen One enterprise Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution and Procore’s construction management software delivers to construction companies.

Today at Procore’s annual Groundbreak event in Phoenix, we announced that Clarizen One is the first (and only) PPM solution available on the Procore App Marketplace. Follow this link to read the press release we issued this morning, and if you happen to be attending Groudbreak, stop by the Clarizen booth (#1007) anytime for a hands-on demonstration.

The Clarizen-Procore integration is so powerful because it enables construction companies for the first time to address all aspects of a project’s life cycle, starting when a project lands on appropriate stakeholders’ desks through when all the crews begin and complete their work.

A great deal of planning goes into any project before construction can begin. Clarizen One  streamlines enterprise planning processes, and provides the necessary context and visibility necessary to facilitate collaboration across all stakeholders. Portfolio managers and capital planners gain the ability to evaluate whether they can take on new projects, prioritize them based on their alignment to the company’s corporate strategy, and based on the capacity of resources as well as financials available.

Once the heavy machinery starts up, the Procore integration ensures that all project tasks are automatically reflected in Clarizen One in real-time. This enables portfolio managers to track progress on all aspects of a project including schedules, risks and financials, and provide real-time status updates to other stakeholders.

The Clarizen One-Procore combination delivers a number of features and benefits to construction companies, including:

  • Create configurable workflows to fit how the enterprise does business, not the opposite.
  • Automate project intake and approval processes.
  • Weigh business objectives against budgets during the project planning process to optimize portfolios.

  • Balance workforce demand vs. capacity and update workloads, reallocate work and shift work durations—all from one interface.

  • Track full project costs throughout the project lifecycle, so you’re always on top of your burn rate.

  • View dynamic reports and dashboards to gain accurate, up-to-the-minute portfolio performance based on real-time progress data.


Refer to Procore Integration on the Clarizen Apps Marketplace to learn how you can get started.

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