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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. – July 29, 2008 – Clarizen, a provider of on-demand, online project management software, today announced that an increasing number of its recent customers switched from Basecamp due to Clarizen’s integrated project management and team collaboration capabilities. Organizations are switching to Clarizen from horizontal team collaboration solutions, such as Basecamp, and desktop-based project management solutions, such as Microsoft Project, because Clarizen uniquely combines both capabilities in a cost-effective SaaS delivery model.

Clarizen customers found Basecamp project management capabilities to be limited and not scalable.

“We wanted a single solution that combined project management and team collaboration, to more effectively plan and execute our projects,” said Cindee Van Dijk, marketing specialist at Human Factors International, Inc., the world’s largest company specializing in usability design. “We tried Basecamp and found that it lacked basic project management capabilities needed to plan and manage our multiple marketing programs on time with the right quality. With Clarizen, we don’t go through fire drills like before and we are better organized to meet aggressive project timeframes.”

Clarizen enables customers to manage their projects more efficiently. It offers key project management capabilities that organizations need, including the ability to schedule tasks based on start and end dates, status of a specific task, e-mail notifications for projects running late, task-level dependencies, resource loading, project templates and quick visual representation of the status of multiple projects.

Clarizen also allows teams to update the status of each task via e-mail so the project schedule is always current, which significantly reduces overhead. Documents and discussions are linked to project tasks so as team members switch between various projects multiple times a day, the context of tasks is not lost and the project does not fall behind. As a result of its collaboration capabilities, teams are always on the same page with respect to scope, schedules and dependencies.

“We spoke with managers who expressed frustration with their current project management system because it was either good at project planning or collaborative project execution, but not both,” said Avinoam Nowogrodski, CEO and co-founder of Clarizen. “Clarizen ensures both objectives – good planning and flawless execution. A solution is incomplete, ineffective and inefficient if any of these capabilities are lost. The increasing number of customers that have recently switched from either Basecamp or Microsoft Project is certainly a strong message to the industry.”