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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. – November 24, 2008 – Clarizen, a provider of on-demand, online project management software, today announced version 2.5G of its SaaS collaboration technology, with enhanced time tracking capabilities, a billing rates manager and a Gantt viewer. Clarizen 2.5G helps distributed project teamsreduce overhead and keep their project status up-to-date and always available.

Clarizen provides an easier way for the entire team to create inter-project shortcuts, user and admin permissions, and job titles and billing rate definitions, as well as schedule updates and enhance time tracking and reporting capabilities. Clarizen empowers people across every industry to seamlessly integrate their project management solution with the various systems in a customized view, including Microsoft Outlook, Solidworks and Autodesk’s AutoCAD software, to move across multiple environments.

“Our newest version provides customers with a unique combination of collaboration tools that boasts many benefits: lower cost, faster implementation, quicker time-to-value and lower risk of adoption failure,” said Avinoam Nowogrodski, CEO and co-founder of Clarizen.

Clarizen works closely with its customers and partners to determine new capabilities and integration solutions for flawless project execution. Unlike other project-based, SaaS solutions, Clarizen’s Gantt viewer provides an overview of projects without having to browse through each task. It offers overtime reporting in timesheets and corresponding reports, ensuring teams can collaborate with respect to schedules, tasks, documents, decisions and activities. Clarizen 2.5G provides flexible collaboration and integration capabilities to drive organizational value so people do not fall behind on scheduling or executing tasks.

Additional 2.5G highlights include:
  • As Late as Possible Scheduling (ALAP) – Projects are scheduled using a set due date as the starting point. This allows users to see how early each task and milestone must be completed in order to finish the project by the due date.
  • Shortcuts – When a task or milestone in one project affects the tasks and milestones of another project, then a “shortcut” can be added, linking the first project to the second project. This shortcut enables the progress of the second project to be automatically updated.
  • Super User and Financial Permissions – A Super User can view and edit any project without needing to be assigned to it specifically. Financial Permissions allow the user to have access to all budgets, rates and billing items across the application.
  • Job Titles and Rates, Work-Item Specific Rates and Project-Specific Rates – These features enable users to set internal costs and rates for resources in a variety of places by assigning rates that are organization-wide and specific to job titles, resources and certain work items.
  • Time Tracking and Approval – Users can report working hours, which can be used for payroll and billing services.

Clarizen 2.5G is immediately available at for a free 30-day trial. The service starts at $24.95 per month.