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Leverages API to Partner with SolidWorks for On-Demand CAD Integration

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. – June 30, 2008 – Clarizen today announced a vertical market strategy that includes an open API within the newest version of its on-demand project management software, Clarizen 2.1. Clarizen 2.1 enables project managers across manufacturing, design and services industries to seamlessly integrate their project management solution with the various systems they use everyday to execute their projects. As a part of this strategy, Clarizen also announced a partnership with SolidWorks, an industry leader in 3D mechanical CAD, allowing design engineers to seamlessly move between their design and project management environments.

Integration between SolidWorks and Clarizen allows design engineers to easily attach a CAD drawing to their project tasks for collaboration with their team member, customer or supplier to create new project tasks or update the status of their tasks directly from within their SolidWorks system. This integrated environment lets engineers streamline the execution of their projects and ensures nothing gets overlooked as they work on multiple projects at the same time.

Clarizen also has leveraged its open API to provide similar integration with Microsoft Outlook, making it easier for managers to create project tasks for team members in Clarizen within their e-mail. Clarizen will continue to integrate with other vendors that provide solutions for marketing, engineering and manufacturing environments to ensure that users can update or create new project tasks and share key information from within other industry-specific systems.

Clarizen continues to work closely with its customers in determining new capabilities and integration points to enable them to effortlessly execute projects. “As we grew, it became evident that we needed a solution to help manage and execute our growing list of complex projects flawlessly and on-time,” said Bill McGrath, CEO and president of OrangeSprocket, an interactive design boutique in New Brunswick, Canada. “Designers like us rely heavily on collaboration, brainstorming, simple solutions and instant access to information. Unlike other on-demand software, Clarizen 2.1’s flexible collaboration and integration capabilities drive organizational value, allowing us to see if anyone is overscheduled on projects and determining if people are falling behind schedule for their tasks. Clarizen’s openness to taking feedback from us and incorporating it into their product strategy has created a solid product for an interactive design boutique like us.”

Clarizen 2.1 also lets users easily create management reports and export their results to tools such as Microsoft Excel. It helps manage budgeting for complex projects by automatically calculating the planned budget of any task based on the assigned resource’s rate and required work. In addition, Clarizen 2.1 provides branding support and language enhancements.

“Clarizen has the right strategy to streamline project execution by enabling easy integration with systems that people use for their day-to-day work as a part of their assigned projects,” said Michael Fauscette, group vice president, Software Business Solutions, IDC. “By making APIs available with the new release, Clarizen also will empower their partners to deliver integrations in specific industries and accelerate their growth. The combination of web 2.0 technologies, SaaS and industry-specific integration creates a strong and unique offering that can take the inefficiencies and surprises out of project execution.”

“Effective project management is 20 percent planning and 80 percent team execution,” said Avinoam Nowogrodski, CEO and co-founder of Clarizen. “Without integration, the work and project environments remain in separate silos, making project management extremely challenging. Once the project management environment is integrated with other systems, the execution risk is significantly reduced. Clarizen is the first company to deliver this capability to the marketplace and we will continue to expand our offerings to other vertical markets throughout the second half of 2008.”

Clarizen 2.1 collaboratively allows managers to take the next step beyond the planning phase and focus on what makes most projects fail – project execution. Clarizen’s SaaS solution helps companies successfully execute projects and reduce project management overhead by letting team members develop comprehensive project plans and keep their project status always current via project e-mail. Clarizen also ensures teams can collaborate and be on the same page with respect to schedules, tasks, documents and activities. With Clarizen, project managers receive instant alerts on issues and delays so they can proactively take corrective action. Clarizen 2.1 is immediately available at for a free 30-day trial. The service costs $24.95 per month for the first 10 licenses with discounts for larger package purchases.