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Every month more than 100 new companies become Clarizen customers and make the switch to becoming real-time enterprises.

San Mateo, Calif. – June 10, 2011 – Clarizen, the award-winning SaaS Work Execution Software company, today announced their 1,500th customer and 2.7 millionth task being completed on the company’s platform. Companies are searching for a solution to improve work collaboration and execution – every month more than 100 become paying Clarizen customers.

Delivered only through cloud computing (SaaS), companies experience rapid return on investment as well as improved efficiency and work results from the start of their full-featured free trial. Clarizen allows employees to strategically manage their workday activities, while providing managers and executives with instant insight into activity across their enterprise resource management and ways to maximize profitability.

“Clarizen has been a game-changer for project leaders and executives alike,” said Jim Hickey, Senior Manager of Client Delivery and Operations at Marketo. “Through Clarizen’s integration with, we have developed dashboards providing real-time summaries with drill down details. We are instantly generating reports that use to take at least 20 hours a week. Using Clarizen means that I have accountability and visibility across Marketo’s client service projects.  Clarizen allows us to optimize our resources and work more efficiently,”

Clarizen’s solution is designed to maximize end-user adoption through both product user interface and email integration. Unlike project management systems designed solely to benefit the project manager for C-level reporting, Clarizen delivers value to every team member and their adoption drives insight into the everyday projects that consume time while creating an always-on, searchable and current repository of work deliverables and conversations. This level of visibility means executives can view progress, allocate resources and flag issues in real-time. Ultimately projects in Clarizen are completed faster because companies have the right resources and coordination to get the job done.

“Clarizen connects the planning and the execution stages of a project while addressing common problems such as lack of real-time visibility, tractability and accountability,” said Dan Yachin, IDC research director of emerging technologies.

After using Clarizen customers immediately see the value of the platform. As a result, Clarizen is experiencing organic growth within their customer base as well as with new customers – 68% of Clarizen’s customers expand their number of users within the first six months.

“Clarizen creates the collaboration, accountability and visibility needed across an entire company, driving our customer growth,” said Avinoam Nowogrodski, co-founder and CEO of Clarizen. “The nature of work and how companies are organized continues to become more complex – demanding a new kind of solution. At Clarizen we believe the future belongs to real-time enterprises – who spend less time gathering data across an organization and instead use real-time insight across all work to make better business decisions that increase profitability.”

About Clarizen

Clarizen is a collaborative work management solution designed for people who value their time, and for organizations that value cross-company engagement. Built on a secure, scalable platform, Clarizen brings together project management, configurable workflow automation and in-context collaboration to create a meaningful engagement experience that allows everyone to work the way they work best. Everyone involved can track projects, communicate effortlessly and participate on their terms. When employees can connect to a larger and more meaningful purpose, progress is not only clear, it’s accelerated. Organizations of all sizes, across 79 countries already rely on Clarizen to help engage their people and move their business forward. The company is privately held with office locations including San Mateo (California), Tel Aviv and London.

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Horn Group Inc. for Clarizen
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