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Combination Completes Visibility Loop Across Sales, Services and Customer Success

SAN MATEO, Calif. – December 10, 2015 – Clarizen, a global leader in collaborative work management software, today announced it has finalized its integration with Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, providing organizations with a 360-degree view of the customer engagement lifecycle. The Clarizen-Gainsight combination leverages Clarizen’s existing Salesforce platform integration, resulting in transparency across all roles involved withClarizen Announces Integration with Gainsight procuring and managing a customer. This insight into the health of the customer throughout the entire engagement maximizes customer satisfaction, which, in turn, drives customer loyalty and repeat business.

The Clarizen-Gainsight integration addresses a key customer-related issue today: Sales, services and customer success teams often work in disconnected “islands of activity,” without a connecting thread of supporting technology. A connected system provides services teams with the data they need to manage post-sale engagement, service delivery and customer satisfaction.

“Customer success begins long before customer success managers get involved, and our Clarizen integration gives us visibility into the health of our customers during the onboarding process, as well as during ongoing services engagements,” said Dan Steinman, chief customer officer at Gainsight. “It’s critical for our customer success managers, and our entire customer-facing organization, to easily know what has been implemented, where the customer is in their onboarding journey, and how to best engage with them when helpful to the implementation project manager. With this integration, we can make that happen for all of our customers.”

“Transparency and visibility should power every company’s customer success organization, as the customer experience is the lifeblood of business,” said Rachel Haim Hadas, VP of product at Clarizen. “Clarizen’s enterprise project management and work collaboration solution, combined with Gainsight’s customer metric tracking, enables sales and services professionals to access, share and manage customer health information, including milestones, initiatives and escalations. This 360-degree customer-related visibility ensures the customer experience is seamless from start to perpetual renewal.”

With the Clarizen-Gainsight integration, companies can:

• Provide up-to-date customer success data from Gainsight in Clarizen, for all project and customer stakeholders who are reviewing a customer record, and can now see the customer’s current health score, as well as call-to-action (CTA) discussions
• Ensure effective communications across all teams as they work in their preferred tools by leveraging the three-way integration with Salesforce, Clarizen and Gainsight
• Communicate clearly what features the sales team promised the customer and what was implemented through a shared feature checklist
• Send an automated, personalized email message to customers when they reach a key project milestone – such as onboarding – or complete their implementation project
• Create a scorecard that represents the state of the ongoing project
• Initiate a communication within Gainsight’s cockpit when a milestone is delayed or a project goes off track
Pricing and Availability
The Clarizen-Gainsight integration is now available at $7 per user, per month. For Clarizen and Gainsight to integrate, end users must also have the Clarizen-Salesforce integration installed. If you are a joint customer of Clarizen and Gainsight and already have purchased the Salesforce integration, click here. All others, for more information, please contact an account manager at [email protected].

About Clarizen
Clarizen is a collaborative work management solution designed for people who value their time, and for organizations that value cross-company engagement. Built on a secure, scalable platform, Clarizen brings together project management, configurable workflow automation and in-context collaboration to create a meaningful engagement experience that allows everyone to work the way they work best. Everyone involved can track projects, communicate effortlessly and participate on their terms. When employees can connect to a larger and more meaningful purpose, progress is not only clear, it’s accelerated. Organizations of all sizes, across 79 countries already rely on Clarizen to help engage their people and move their business forward. The company is privately held with office locations including San Mateo (California), Tel Aviv and London.

Clarizen is a registered trademark and the Clarizen logo is a trademark of Clarizen Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About Gainsight
Gainsight, the first and only complete Customer Success solution, helps businesses reduce churn, increase up-sell and drive Customer Success. The company’s SaaS suite integrates with Salesforce and uses Big Data analytics to evaluate sales data, usage logs, support tickets, surveys and other sources of customer intelligence. In this way, Gainsight provides a 360° view of customers and drives retention across Customer Success, sales, marketing, executive and product management. Learn how leading companies like Angie’s List, Castlight Health, Marketo and Informatica are using Gainsight to help their customers succeed

Clarizen PR Contact:
Jen Howard
Director, Corporate Marketing
[email protected]

Gainsight PR Contact:
Samantha Wheatley
Director, Brand Development
[email protected]