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A Modern Approach for Service Delivery: Innovation, Customer Delight, AND Profitable Growth

As a professional services business, balancing innovation and profit in order to thrive is crucial. Customers trust you because you deliver innovative, effective solutions — but you also have to ensure every engagement is profitable. For most service organizations, this is tricky. Disconnected systems and spreadsheets are the norm, making it tough to maximize billable time without the risk of overcommitting key people. With a modern Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution — one that supports the entire service delivery lifecycle — your business can keep your customers delighted and ensure every engagement is profitable. Watch the webinar to learn:
  • Why managing project costs in real-time is essential for maximizing customer profitability, and how to pull it off in the real world
  • How a global services provider transformed their business — and outperformed ALL industry KPIs — by implementing processes that ensured they could make data-driven decisions in real-time about every customer interaction
  • How technology can help your business boost efficiency and effectiveness at every stage of service delivery — not just revenue recognition — by optimizing your resources and maximizing your project performance while also ensuring upcoming demand is balanced against work that’s already in progress
  • How integrating your PSA solution with other systems — e.g., CRM, HR, finance and billing — can provide total, real-time visibility across every area of your business
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