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If you use Zoom to hold meetings or to coordinate with your colleagues then we have some big news for you!

Remote Workforces

We’re happy to announce that Clarizen Go has an application in Zoom’s App Marketplace with a native integration to the Zoom platform. Whether you have a free or paid Zoom account, this integration will help you and your team stay on top of all your work with real-time updates, recording captures and in-chat commands.

With this integration you can:

  • Get notified whenever there are updates to the Tasks you or your team are working on. Receive updates whenever due dates or priorities are changed and when checklist items are completed.  This is very helpful for Marketing teams for example, when a piece of content is going through a round of edits and approvals.
  • Create a new Clarizen Go task directly from Zoom Chat.  Great for when two team members are chatting about a project in Zoom and get an idea for a new project task that needs to be created in Clarizen Go.
  • Create a new Zoom meeting and associate it with a specific Task in a specific Workspace. When the meeting ends, Clarizen Go for Zoom will automatically update the task description with a copy of the meeting’s recording and transcript.

This integration is a boon for teams which are no longer able to host in-person meetings during the COVID-19 lockdown, but the benefits of this integration will still be felt after work returns to normal.  For example, very rarely is an entire team able to be in the same conference room for every meeting, as team members are spread out geographically. So using digital meeting tools like Zoom to include remote workers will always be needed.  It’s also becoming more commonplace for teams to record meetings and share transcripts with everyone afterwards, even when all project members are present, for record-keeping and future review.

The Clarizen Go App for Zoom provides a variety of commands that can help you and your team be more productive, just type ‘help’ to learn these.

Just like implementing Clarizen Go, setting up the integration with your pre-existing Zoom account is simple and quick, as the integration is pre-built and fully native.  After confirming a few permissions are turned on in your Zoom profile and installing the Clarizen Go app, you’re all set! Here are the set-up instructions to get you started.

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