Project Management App iPad

Empower Teams with an Enterprise-Grade Project Management App for iPad

Today’s enterprise teams want to use their iPad in order to seamlessly and efficiently extend their project work journey between devices.

Yet, most project management software solutions don’t support iPad,which creates both team member and project manager frustration. Fortunately, there’s Clarizen.

Clarizen’s project management app for iPhone and iPad is available free from iTunes and empowers all team members to use their tablet anytime, anywhere so they can access:

  • Work management tools, that enable them to view or edit work items, create new items, run actions, etc.
  • Time and expense management tools, as well as the capacity to submit expenses by taking a photo of them with their iPad’s camera
  • File management tools, so they can upload documents, videos, photos and other assets and access the files they need on-demand 24/7
  • Collaboration tools to stay connected with colleagues, review messages and news feeds, etc.

Furthermore, team members can enhance their Clarizen experience even more by downloading apps from the Clarizen App Marketplace, such as those that integrate Excel, Salesforce, JIRA and other third-party solutions, as well as those that augment’s Clarizen’s functionality—such as the Project Highlights app, Organizational Chart app and dozens more. Even better, many of these add-on apps are free.

Discover today why leading enterprises are empowering their teams with Clarizen’s acclaimed project management web + iPad app combination. Request your free trial.