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Having an effective team is the cornerstone of success for any project manager. Nobody can achieve everything on their own and so building a team that can exceed expectations, or at least keep to them, is vital for any project. This is a lot easier said than done however and knowing how to build a team in the workplace requires a very specific skillset. Not only must one have great people skills and be able to find specific employee’s motivation points, but they must also be able to spot and resolve inter-team conflicts and recognize how to get the optimum productivity out of the group.

Even experienced project managers can have difficulty building a team, so we’ve gathered together some of the best tips to keep in mind when setting to work on your own team.

  1. Step up as the leader

This doesn’t have to be about giving orders or raising your voice. A true leader is one that inspires others, by being on top of their work, being available to listen and assist others and having consistent and transparent decision-making.

  1. Build relationships with team members

While the decision-making may rest on your shoulders, the actual groundwork and deliverables will be provided from everyone on the team. It’s important to find out what makes each individual member tick, what their personal ambitions are and how you can help to get them there. By offering them value as part of your team they will be more motivated to help the team achieve success.

  1. Be clear and consistent in messaging

It is important to recognize the individual differences of each team member’s personality. However, when you are delivering your ideas about the work to be done and the direction of the team, then clarity and consistency are vital. If you say conflicting things at different times or to different people your team will understandably become confused. It will also paint your management style as being indecisive.

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  • Encourage inter-team communication

When building a team, it is important to be able to spot which members may be able to work well together and learn from each other. An example of this is pairing a high-quality, low-productivity graphic designer with a highly regimented copywriter so that they both work to improve the output of the other. The role of the team leader is to facilitate communication and to help them resolve any possible issues that might arise.

  1. Establish a space where ideas are welcome

Each team member will have their own individual talents and possible inputs to a project. If only a few of the members are regularly dominating discourse it can prevent others from sharing what could be valuable insight. Ensure that you support all the voices on your team.

  1. Outline team values and goals

Projects and objectives can change and be met but it is important for a team to have a deeper connection. Fostering an attitude among members of taking responsibility for their tasks, helping those around them and going the extra mile for the team goes a long way to ensuring success.

Knowing how to build a team is not something that comes naturally to most people. Dealing with so many different personalities and skills can be a daunting task but with practice and a focus on your own qualities and ability to inspire others, a highly effective and successful team can be created.

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