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Digital transformations require creating new strategies, business models, operating models and ways of working - all driven by evolving customer demands.

22% of CEOs say they expect their business models to look very different by 2021,” putting more pressure on how you approach the way you work today
- Gartner Research, June 2020

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We’ve helped a Technology Enterprise reap significant benefits. They were able to increase productivity by around 40%. Also here are the additional benefits we created for them:

  • Seamless hand-off between sales and consulting teams for project kick-off
  • Complete customer life cycle tracking
  • Timesheet reporting
  • Deploying automated, repeatable processes for consistent service delivery
  • Tracking balanced and realistic metrics (e.g. utilization, performance against baseline, etc.)
  • Higher degree of visibility among executives into project health
  • Project closeout report and lessons learned process captures invaluable intel from all team members involved

By implementing Clarizen’s PPM solution, these institutions were able to gain more visibility into their core business which allows them to be more productive and quickly pivot in changing market conditions.

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Maximize Productivity

Empower every team to reach their goals using its preferred work style.

  • Break down silos and boost collaboration between internal and external teams.
  • Automate complex or repetitive tasks to save time and improve work consistency.
  • Promote efficient operations across any type of work-structured, ad hoc, and agile.

Increase Visibility

Effortless transparency enables fast, accurate decision making.

All work efforts are centralized, so no time is wasted collecting data.
Integrations with other critical business systems provides a richer view of all operations.
Decision-makers see the big picture, ensuring resources are optimized and aligned to goals.

Gain Adaptability

Quickly pivot to meet new customer needs.

  • Support diverse teams with highly configurable workflow processes and dynamic rule sets.
  • Anticipate and prepare for challenges, both at the team level and across the business.
  • Reconfigure or launch new processes without further cost or time delay.
  • Gartner Peer Award
  • G2 Eneterprise
  • G2 Leader
  • G2 Best Relationship
  • Steve Award

Enterprise customers see measurable value

  • ITV
  • Siemens Energy
  • Western Union
  • EA Sports
  • Dell
  • De Beers
  • box
  • Shaw
  • Cisco

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