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Back in the day, managing work and projects didn’t need to be fast or especially efficient. Information moved rather slowly and workers relied on stand-alone applications to do their jobs.

Now requirements are more complex, demands are high and information is like gold for companies trying to stay competitive.

So how can you sift through what is needed to work efficiently from the hype-driven solutions that promise the moon but are short of a full deck when it comes to execution?

In this webinar we’ll cover how to navigate these 3 critical steps:

  • Discovery – You need to start with understanding what ‘tribe’ you are trying to support: Is it a homogeneous team of developers? Is it a distributed business, with many functions cross-coordinating? Is it a large services firm working on dozens or hundreds of projects in parallel?
  • Prioritization – There are many trends impacting work management, such as growing complexity, the need for integration with other software and growing demand for real-time communication. Which of these are most important to your organization?
  • Execution – In the final analysis, work management tools must support the urgent pressure for greater operation agility, flexibility, and resilience, which may not line up with their design principles.

Clarizen’s VP of Solutions will also be on-hand to demonstrate what modern work management looks like and how it can make a real difference in how you do your job.