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Half of all new PMOs fail within the first two years. A majority of projects fail to meet their success criteria. But why? What factors can help you beat the odds?

Through a combination of academic research and real-world experience with numerous organizations, we have identified a correlation between the underlying quality of certain project data, its consumption, and the ultimate success project delivery.

So how do you put that knowledge to work? Does successful project management drive better data quality, or does management demand for quality data drive better project management? And what lessons can you take away to help improve your project delivery right now?

“We shape our tools and, thereafter, our tools shape us.” – Winston Churchill

To better understand the relationship between PPM system adoption and the success of project management, the Kolme Group has sponsored an industry-wide study on project data quality, consumption and project success. This study aims to understand:

  • How does the adoption of PPM tools impact the success of project delivery in an organization?
  • What PMIS features, functionality and data are most important for driving project success?
  • What data-driven behaviors and executive engagement enhance the adoption and success of project management in an organization, and what behaviors inhibit it?

Join our webinar as we share the specifics on how PPM tool adoption impacts the overall effectiveness of project management in your organization, and how the demand for data-driven decision making can make the difference between success and failure.