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CIOs are responsible for managing more technologies, projects, and strategic initiatives in this age of digital change than ever before — all with increasingly tight budgets.

This forces CIOs to be highly discerning in their budget allocation and demand detailed evidence before and during projects to ensure work efforts are aligned with business objectives.

Clarizen’s on-demand webinar explains why separate management of project work and their related financials is no longer viable — and how to connect both disciplines to ensure full project costs are optimized against current business priorities.

Register for the on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Why accurate, up-to-the-minute financials based on actual project performance are critical for sound decision making.
  • How to tie financial data more closely to ongoing project work to ensure you’re making the right tradeoffs.
  • How better access to project financial data provides benefits across the entire organization, from project sponsors and portfolio managers to the teams responsible for delivering each project.
  • The case for managing project work and their related financials through a single system and how this approach can benefit your business.