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In this three-part e-learning program, you will learn about the shifting landscape of change management, the impact of agile approaches and what new skills today’s project managers, PMOs and project sponsors will need to remain successful. We’ll also cover how to best measure success and how to create an integrated delivery and implementation plan.

Access the recording of the first master class here and the second master class here.

This third master class will explain how to create an actionable change plan along with how to generate understanding and best mobilize support and participation in the change. The session will include proven, real world examples for fostering change and engagement. We will also cover how to develop a “work backwards” approach that will focus your plan on the needs of your users to ensure program success.

Change Practitioner and Co-Chair Change Management Institute

Melanie Franklin is a highly respected thought leader in change management with a successful track record in developing and advising business change programs across public and private sector organizations. Her clients include HSBC, the United Nations, National Grid US and Houses of Parliament. She is the author of several publications and a regular keynote speaker at key conferences worldwide.

Vice President, Root Inc.

As co-originator and leader of the Insights group at Root Inc., Bridget leads initiatives with clients to identify opportunities for accelerated growth, an improved customer experience and effective engagement of their people in strategy. Bridget is also a facilitator and speaker in leadership development within industries including finance, consumer products and tech.

Managing Director, Root Inc.

Chris Williams is a strategic change expert with a passion for culture transformation and technology adoption. He works with a large range of global and local clients on initiatives such as enterprise strategy deployment, culture change, technology integration, onboarding, leadership alignment, and operational excellence. A regular speaker on organizational change, Chris believes in blending visualization and interaction with high energy and fun to create memorable experiences.