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Environmental concerns, economic strife, the pandemic, and global trade wars – business leaders are juggling ongoing uncertainty and volatility. As a result, they must ensure their organizations are ready for continuous change. This requires shifting focus away from rigid operational processes that were built to last for long periods of relative stability to orchestrating fast and adaptive systems and processes that are built for ongoing change.

In this on-demand session our guest speaker, Pascal Matzke from Forrester, will share his insights into how adaptive:

  • Organizations grow 3.2x faster than the industry average and can sustain competitive advantage through a culture of collaboration, flexibility and openness
  • Enterprises anticipate tomorrow’s changing customer needs, leveraging iterative technology to foster a future-fit organization
  • Operating models will help organizations restructure teams to be more effective and better prepared for changes to the organization and overall market
  • Workforces and extended partner ecosystems are framing business processes and systems for continual change