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Just like a four leaf clover on St. Patrick’s day, every company wants to grow. In fact, most companies would probably say that growth is their primary goal and ultimate measure of success. With growth, however, comes a host of new challenges. Growing companies often need to find new locations, add new internal departments, invest in new infrastructure and change their HR practices to scale. Just as important, though not always apparent, is the need for a growing company to adjust its approach to project management.
Enterprise Project Management Software
Traditional project management applications are intended to track the timeline, deliverables and dependencies of a single project. Multiple projects, if they exist, are treated as entirely separate entities. This approach is fine for small businesses, where one person or a small group are able to keep track of all of the company’s activities. But what about larger companies, where there is team (or multiple teams) in charge of project management?

Larger companies are simply too diverse and too wide-ranging to keep their projects and teams in silos with traditional project management tools. There’s simply no way to manage dozens of interrelated projects without having a solution that can scale and manage this level of complexity.

So what’s the pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow? Enterprise project management software that’s designed to facilitate comprehensive and in-context collaboration.

Addressing the Needs of Larger Companies

Enterprise project management (EPM) software is a specialized form of project management software that addresses the needs of larger companies. While it has many advantages over traditional PM tools, the key attribute of enterprise project management software is that it is designed to facilitate large-scale collaboration and provide visibility into how an organization’s multiple projects intertwine.

EPM software does all the things that simpler PM tools can do (and does them better), while also allowing users to see the bigger picture: how resources are being shared between projects, and how effectively team members are communicating. Clarizen, a leading enterprise project management software provider, has introduced an array of solutions to help large organizations manage their numerous and widely-varied projects.

Clarizen’s Project Management Solutions

From external collaboration features to interactive Gantt charts, Clarizen’s cloud-based online project management solutions include innovative features that keep employees engaged and keep projects on track:

  • Communication tools that facilitate collaboration across functional areas and allow team members to share information from emails, meeting notes and other sources.
  • A document management engine that lets internal and external team members share and modify documents from a central location.
  • Portfolio project management tools that provide a clear view of budget and resource availability.
  • Case management and change request tools that help managers make decisions efficiently and communicate them to all affected parties.

Choosing the best project management software will make your company more effective and leave you in an ideal position for continued growth (much better than relying on lucky charms!) For more information, check out Clarizen’s industry-leading project management solutions, and find the one that’s right for you and your team.

And from all of us at Clarizen, happy St. Paddy’s day!

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