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At Clarizen, we’ve always known that the world’s most successful organizations also have the most engaged workforce. Companies that set the bar, bring new ideas, take risks and enjoy rapid growth. They all have one thing in common: people are fully engaged.

But a recent Gallup study tells us that only 13% of today’s workforce is engaged. We think the main reason for this lack of engagement is simple. People often feel isolated, disconnected and don’t see how their work connects to the big picture.

Fortunately, we are in a very unique position to help. Our customers repeatedly tell us how we have improved their way of working and brought a new sense of purpose to their organization and teams.

Clarizen brings a unified, central location for employees to collaborate and complete projects faster, while understanding how their role ties into the bigger picture. This leads to a meaningful engagement experience that allows people to contribute in the way that they work best, while it motivates and inspires them to connect to a larger vision.

Today, we bring that thinking to the forefront with the launch of our newly re-imagined website. Learn more by exploring the new site, where you will find it easier to examine Clarizen’s collaborative work management offering.

Clarizen website 2016

Additionally, our site features new resources – infographics, tip sheets, webinars, success stories, best practices, thought leadership articles and videos. Whatever team you are on, we have a solution that fits your need and is now easier to find online.

We hope you find it useful and you’ll discover all the ways Clarizen brings bottom line results that are consistently exceptional through our unique way of connecting and engaging people.

What are you waiting for?

Learn why Clarizen is the right choice to engage your workforce and accelerate your business.

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